take deux: pastel gradient nails

Guys, I'm in love.

Well yes, with Christian, my kitties, cooking, and Big Time Rush, but besides those.
I'm in love with gradient nails. Especially these. I mean, pat on the goddamn back, Clara. These are awesome.

I used the technique outlined in my last post but with a little twist. I first did 1 coat of my base color, the light pink, then sponged a gradient of light blue to pink on top of that. It made for a flawless, smooth, perfectly transitioning gradient.

Yes, I'm proud.

I'm dreaming up all the color combos I can using this technique. Mint to lilac, orange to purple, blue to red.... I'm excited! I used:

Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau
OPI Do You Lilac It?
Essie French Affair

Damn. These photos make my heart go pitter-pat. I think I'll go change my current mani right now...


  1. Amazing. I still haven't built up the courage to attempt a gradient manicure myself, for fear of how disastrous it will be, lol

  2. I've been loving gradient nails too! Navy fading to pastel blue was my favorite so far,
    Until I saw this! Trying this today for sure. Pastels are my favorite :)

  3. This is probably the most amazing thing I've ever seen... I wish I could do that to my own nails/had nice nails like you lol

  4. This gradient is probably the best color combo that I have ever sea! I love pastel shades, so it's perfect for me!

  5. You are my GRADIENT-Queen...PERFECTION!

  6. Love it! Done with perfection!

  7. how pretty ^^

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  9. Would you maybe do a Lana del Rey make up tutorial? I think it would look lovely on you, and you're great at tutorials and make up!

  10. Wow these nails are just simply Stunning, The gradients on them are perfect.

    Have you ever done any video tutorials??? I'd love to add some onto my blog at http://makeupvideo.co.uk if you have an don't mind?

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