hair today, gone tomorrow

The above is obviously a pun. An extremely relevant pun. This post happens to be about hair. See, I posted yesterday. I posted today. So I'm a little overwhelmed. My "posting" page hasn't had this much traffic for a year or so. Oops. So yeah, I'll definitely be gone tomorrow. And the day after that...

But yes, I'm here for today.

Only because I had some people asking for a post about my hair. And by some, I mean 1. (Hi Sarah!) It was peer pressure, man. I felt so pressured to post this. So after a day of school, archery practice, baking, and shopping, I took pictures of my hair and uploaded them and even made a freakin' 300+ frame GIF. Three hundred goddamn frames. I think my computer system now has PTSD.

So yeah. Hope you enjoy ;)

Now that I got that picture out of the way, shall we continue?

My hair has always been fine. I'm talking baby soft, can't-even-hold-a-bobby-pin, braids-thin-as-sticks fine. Over the years I've come to enjoy it. Especially after a brief stint with Biotin. Shudder.

So I don't use a lot of products on my hair. I wash it at night, and let it dry overnight. I use:

The BedHeads were a duo I bought at Costco for $20. It smells like pineapples. I love pineapples.
The John Frieda I use to 'brighten' my hair a bit. I'm definitely not a blonde, but I feel that this makes my hair a bit more golden. This smells like melons and chamomile.
The red John Frieda I use as a deep conditioner. It makes my hair sssoooo sssooofffttt and it smells like Abercrombie perfume. Not that I own any.. or anything.. arg.

Do you like my condescending face? Yeah, me either. It looks like this most of the time.

I brush/style my hair in the morning. I touch a blowdryer maybe once a year. A flat iron more often. And a curling iron the most. I found this Zoe clampless iron at my TJ Maxx for around $15. It came with 3 interchangeable barrels, each different sizes. I love it.

My hair color is another thing. I don't really do anything with it. When I was younger I dabbled in semi-permanent dyes. But I stopped when Christian told me he preferred natural over any other color. So I made peace.
It wasn't even that hard. My hair is magical in the sunlight. It almost looks like gold.

Length wise, my hair is pretty long. It often doesn't feel that way because of the fine texture of it, but it goes past the, uh, boob region. Texture wise, I've never considered my hair to have much of a texture. I always called it 'nothing' textured. It wasn't straight, wavy, or curly. It still isn't. These pictures after after a day of playing with my hair, tossing it into topknots, ponytails, and buns, 2 bike rides, and many ends of archery. So don't be fooled.

I guess I have a natural ombre thing going on. Sweet.

And Sarah asked for a kitty. Here you go. Though I must warn you, cuteness can kill...

Anyways. Posting 2 days in a row is having its toll on me. I need to go hibernate for another month.
See you later!


strawberry limeade.. or something like that

After a week or so of horrible, rainy weather, the Bay Area finally got some sunshine this weekend. So, I felt like doing some summery makeup! The berry pinks and hint of lime in this look make me reminisce of strawberry limeade... not that I've ever had one or anything. That sounds like something Sonic would carry. But I do not live near a Sonic. And that ramble was pointless.

Maybelline concealer
MSFN Medium

NYX Milk
Sweet & Punchy
Rose pigment
Petal Worship
Solar White
Carbon (to set liner)
Eyeko grafitti eyeliner pen
L'oreal Telescopic mascara

Lollipop Loving (my favorite l/s ever!)