I hate Sundays.

There's just something about Sunday afternoons that feels so lonely and miserable. Sigh.

Excuse the state of my cuticle... it's still healing. :(

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
I've been looking for this one for a while. This is 2 coats. It's AMAZING to work with. So opaque! You could probably only do one coat. And it was cheap.. $3. My only complaint would be the smell. If a comparison were to be made I'd say it smells like a combination of marijuana and rotting vegetables. Not a good combo.

Pacific Blue happens to be a dupe for one of my very old nail polishes!

The polish I'm holding in my hands was bought about 4 years ago from Sephora. Look how dried up it is! I'm almost positive they don't carry this color anymore. And who the fuck would pay $5 for 5ml of nail polish? PB is on my nails and you can see how it's a dead dupe for this Sephora color.

Color Club Orange Revenge
I'm loving these CC neons! This one definitely put me in a good mood. 3 coats. Great formula. So BRIGHT. Love...

natural light:
China Glaze OMG
Yeah, this one again. Nothing to say that I haven't already said..


why Christian RULES

I came home from a walk to find this in my mailbox:

My Valentine's day present! I have the best boyfriend ever.

Here's a look that I did the day after.

translucent powder
Maybelline concealer
Azalea Blossom

NYX Milk
Mink Pink
Dazzle Light
Bruised Plum
Black Tulip
Jungle Moon (I loooove this name)
Soft Brown
Vanilla pigment
Solar White
W&W cream liner
L'oreal mascara

Angel blotted

Thanks for looking! I also wanted to give a HUGE thanks to everyone who responded to my last post. I love my readers! <3


willing to kill for..

This is sort of a weird post... but hey, it's my blog and I can do whatever the hell I want. :)

I need, NEED, absolutely NEED OPI Designer Series in Glamour.
It's a mix of my favorites... BLUE and HOLO.
Does anyone know where I can find it? Or maybe someone knows someplace near them which carries it and would do a CP...
I also really want the original OPI MPJ charcoal holo.. ah, dreams.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


neon and glitters

Color Club Screamin' Fuschia
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS COLOR. Amazing! This is 3 coats. Great formula. This has to be in my Top 20 favorite polishes... lovelovelove.

China Glaze Fortune Teller
I haven't worn this one in so long. My old picture of it was pretty horrible, so I'm glad this one is better :) I really like this polish, except I think it's really best suited for wear in the month of October. Not like I care or anything... This is 3 coats.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps
My old picture of this one sucked too... 3 coats. Such a classic. And it's sososo amazing in sunlight:



NOTD, a cat, Spring Color Forecast, FOTD

First things first, Michele over at Lacquerized is having an awesome giveaway! Check it out :)

This was yesterday's mani..

OPI Over the Taupe
This is 3 coats. I picked this up on a whim because my local beauty supply store had buy 3 get 1 free so I grabbed this one without much thought. I wish I picked up You Don't Know Jacques instead :( The formula is alright... there was a bit of pulling on my index finger.

OTT matches Rosie!

MAC's Spring Color Forecast didn't really catch my eye. The new quad design is horrible :( Most of the items had a frosty finish, which I'm not particularly fond of... but I loved the blush ombres. How I WISH the peach one wasn't sold out every fucking where in the world.

Vintage Grape, Azalea Blossom
VG is for my mom.. so this was a pretty small haul! But, it was a good one. Here I am wearing both of the colors mixed in AB:

A perfect, light, healthy glow! Yum.

And finally, this is the look (which I've done millions of times..) that I wore to pick up those blushes.

translucent powder
Maybelline concealer

NYX Milk
Plum Dressing
Soft Brown
Vanilla pigment
Beautiful Iris
W&W cream liner
L'oreal mascara
Ardell 113

Rimmel l/l in Natural
Love Nectar

Thanks for looking everyone! <3


revisiting Style Black

I did a similar look a couple months ago.. I'm on the fence about it. I wish the e/s was more glittery :( When you apply it wet, it's SO hard to blend when it dries so don't mind that...

translucent powder
Maybelline concealer
Benefit Dandelion

W&W creme liner as base
Young Punk MES used wet
Soft Brown
Vanilla pigment
Solar White
L'oreal mascara

Angel l/s with Patisserie l/s on top

Happy Friday everyone!


small plethora of NOTDs

My cuticles are slowly healing. Sigh...

OPI Jade is the New Black
3 coats. I expected to love this, but it's just 'eh'. I am particularly fond of unique colors with a creme finish, but this just doesn't do it for me. The formula was alright. A wee bit thick.

I got curious, and decided to add Nfu-Oh #38 (I think? So confusing!) over it.

Only one word comes to mind... YUCK. Very odd.

with flash:

Nfu-Oh #51
This time, by itself! 3 coats. Still slight VNL... the formula is nothing special. I wish the rainbow in the bottle transferred onto the nail :( But I still like this color. That says a lot, because I'm not a big fan of purples. But 51... oooh 51 how you seduce me with your red/gold/magenta shimmer. Sigh.



China Glaze LOL
Total holo FAIL. It's barely holographic... how I wish it was. This is 3 coats. Again, purples are not my cup of tea, but I always make exceptions for holos. And it's actually a pretty nice shade of purple.

Thanks for looking!


tutorial: easy look w/ coppering

Products used are listed in the previous post.

1. Prime with your primer of choice.

2. Soft Brown in the crease with a 217

3. Pack Brule on lid with a 239.

4. Coppering goes on the outer 3rd of the lid. No need to pack it on because it's so buttery and pigmented...

5. Blend that out. I then apply Vanilla pigment as a brow highlight.

6. Soft Brown and Coppering go on the lower lashline, and Solar White in the inner corners.

7. Liner. I always used to have trouble with my liner, but since I purchased the 208 brush, it's so damn EASY to get a perfect line. I 110% recommend this brush!!!

8. Mascara.

I then added subtle falsies. Here's the finished look!

If anyone does this look, I'd LOVE to see it! :)

crikey.. what have we got here?!

Another makeup look?!! Haha, yes, I indeed did put on makeup less than a month in between both applications. Blasphemy!

same old

NYX Milk
Soft Brown
Vanilla pigment
Solar White
W&W cream liner
L'oreal mascara
Red Cherry #68

C-Thru l/g

And get THIS- I even made a tutorial for this. WOW! Call the police.. I'm on fire! Haha. Okay.

Maybe you noticed I changed the name of my blog? I thought it was appropriate because there's more NOTDs than FOTDs.. and 'beauty' is fairly universal. :)

I'll post the tutorial in a couple of days. Thanks for looking, and enjoy your weekend and Valentine's Day!


excuse the lack of FUN

Yeah, my posts lack excitement. And they lack frequency.. ha.

NOTD from last week & weekend...

MAC Love & Friendship
Oh so classic. I don't remember how many coats... I hate this damn formula!!! And the stupid cap makes for awkward polishing.. But. It's a lovely color nonetheless.

Color Club Limelight
Hahaha, this color is pretty FUN. I love it! 3 coats. This is my first neon ever... it's pretty flattering, which surprised me. Very nice formula, too. What a great polish!


natural light

OPI Big Apple Red
What a nice color. The formula was AMAZING. I did 3 coats only 'cuz I felt like it... it really only needed two. This is surprisingly pretty flattering too!

I'm not going to be posting any more NOTDs for a short while. 3 of my fingers decided they want to infect themselves. Thanks guys!! They hurt like hell and look like hell.. Anyways.

Thanks for looking!! One more day 'til the weekend :)


Golden Slumbers Fill Your Eyes

FOTD of yesterday.. I almost never do my makeup anymore. I look so weird with it on! :P I also noticed I look a lot younger when I don't line my waterline. Hmm...

Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Benefit Dandelion

concealer for base
Vanilla pigment
W&W cream liner
L'oreal mascara
Ardell 113s

Lollipop Loving

Thanks for looking!


#51 & QT

Some NOTD from this week...

Nfu-Oh #51 over OPI Overexposed in South Beach
This is 2 coats of 51 over 1 coat OiSB. I love both of these colors. Layered over a berry color made 51 look like its color in bottle except WITHOUT the awesome duo/triple/whateverchrome. There's a fucking rainbow in that bottle!! Can't wait to try it over black.

China Glaze QT
The sun is hiding away so I had to make do with flash. Sigh. This is 2 coats. I love this one... more holographic than LOL, which made me happy. So beautiful..

Other manicures this week included all black (W&W Black Creme) with OPI Mad as a Hatter ring finger accents which I didn't like at all so I didn't bother capturing it. I also wore China Glaze For Audrey but everyone knows what that looks like...