my Christmas, FOTD + photos

I had such a wonderful Christmas! It was my first Christmas spent with Christian (last year he was in boot camp while, and the year before that we weren't at a "spending Christmas together" stage). So, as the first Christmas to many spent together, it was perfect!
Here's the makeup I was wearing.

Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Pinch O Peach

NYX Milk
Soft Brown
Vanilla pigment
Gorgeous Gold
Solar White
W&W creme liner
L'oreal Million Lashes
Red Cherry #747m


Our kitties had a great Christmas as well. We had a present for them, a bag with a toy and kitty treats in it. They were quick to find it!

Rosie loved her toy!

I received a lot of wonderful presents, but none compared to this:

So I guess I'm 'kind of' engaged! We know we're going to get married someday, although not anytime soon (not at least for a year or so), so this wasn't a formal proposal. It's so beautiful I can't stop looking at it :)

Thanks for looking! <333


requested look: pin up inspired

Christian is on his way here! So excited :)

Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Pinch O Peach

NYX Milk
Soft Brown
Solar White
W&W creme linre
L'oreal Million Lashes

NYX Pinky
Pink Poodle

no l/g:

Thanks for looking!
If you have any requests, send 'em on in!


christmas nails!

I very rarely do any nail art. Well, I got the urge and this is what I came up with!

Tips are Essie Limited Addiction with Color Club Yule Love It
tree is FingerPaints Scenery Greenery and on top of everything is Color Club Si Vous Please.
How fun :)

On another note, Christian is coming on Thursday. Yay! I'm planning to recreate my Marine manicure.

For those who celebrate it, have a great Christmas!!!


getting back into the swing of things

They may be neutrals again... but at least it's something! My typical every day look is so simple that any kind of e/s is quite radical for me :P

Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Benefit Dandelion

NYX Milk
Soft Brown
Espresso (used as e/l too)
L'oreal Million Lashes mascara

NYX Pinky

Here's my every day look:
Just Rich Ground fluidline and mascara! On my lips is Hot Gossip l/s.

My mom recently had some Mardi Gras themed party to go to and I offered to do her makeup. She never wears bright e/s and she has never worn fake eyelashes- a night of firsts!

NYX Milk
Soft Brown
Bruised Plum
Beautiful Iris
Poison Pen
Sketch (also used as e/l)
Andrea lashes #45

Thanks for looking. I'll fill the requests you guys sent me for makeup looks sometime this week :)


Eyeko London

Hi everybody! I hope everyone's having a great December and an overall wonderful holiday season! I'm trying to get back into posting makeup looks/tutorials, but I'm dry of inspiration- please, PLEASE if there's anything that you want to see, let me know! It can be a tutorial of a look I've done, any type of makeup look, or a tutorial of just any look you want to see. Don't be shy!

Anyways, I was contacted by the UK brand Eyeko a while back. They asked me to review their nail polish and a couple of other things (for another post!). Here's part 1: the nail polish.

Let's get to the first part: aesthetics. Aren't the bottles adorable? I love the cheeky labels. However, the shape of the bottles isn't very practical. They're extremely easy to tip over.

Eyeko Saucy Polish
My favorite of the bunch! A vivid, crisp red creme. Lately I've been really into these bright red cremes, and this one did not disappoint! Very flattering. This was two coats, and it had the best formula of the bunch. However, is this polish necessary to own? Not if you own one of these red cremes:
OPI's Vodka & Caviar is almost identical- but it's more of a jelly than a creme. Closer is Essie's Limited Addiction which is a 3 coat creme. OPI Color So Hot it Berns is quite different- I don't know why I included it, haha. So if you own V&C or LA, you don't need Saucy.

Eyeko Rain Polish
Unfortunately, this had the worst formula out of the bunch. It was thick but runny. A big glob of polish threatened to drip on the table any time I took the brush out of the bottle. However, I like the color a lot. This was 2 coats but after looking at these pictures, it needed 3.

Eyeko Tea Rose Polish
My second favorite! A beautiful dusty yet vivid (what a contradiction!) rose colored polish. I love these types of grandma polishes. The formula was so-so, and this was 2 coats. I should try this on my toes sometime!

Eyeko Petite Polish
A pretty yet basic sheer pink. This was 3 coats with the same runny but thick formula. I like this polish- it'd be perfect for my work (our nails have to look really clean, preferably no polish but I make do with "my nails but better" colors :P).

Eyeko Posh Polish
Your standard taupe/greige color. Pretty but nothing unique. This also had a so-so formula. I used 2 coats. Do you need this polish?
According to my crappy comparision, yes. But all in all, I don't think you do. OPI Over the Taupe is more warm while Posh is more cool. I included YDKJ because pretty much everyone knows what that looks like! There's so many taupes out there, I'm sure you could find a dupe for Posh that's easier to find.

So overall, Eyeko gets points for their adorable bottles/labels but gets knocked down a couple points for the bottles' impracticality, (most of) the polishes' bad formulas, and lack of originality.
The last statement is debatable- Eyeko sent me typical, overdone colors but on their website they have some awesome colors. For example, I love their Military Polish, Vintage Polish, and Coral Polish.
While Eyeko's polishes may fall flat, their makeup is much more superior. One of their products is actually my HG for my face makeup! You'll have to wait and see what it is :)

Big thanks to Eyeko for sending me these products and letting me try their brand!


NOTD spam!

Christian is coming tomorrow- so excited! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

OPI The Show Must Go On

Color Club Jewel of a Girl

OPI DS Extravagance

Catrice I Sea You

Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

OPI Extra-va-vaganza over Orly Matte Vinyl

OPI DS Magic


Orly Galaxy Girl & THANK YOU!

Orly Galaxy Girl
Oh myyyyyyyy. How amazing is this color? Burgundy, blue, pink, orange... a true chameleon! The duochrome (multichrome) doesn't translate too well on the nail, unfortunately. This was 3 coats. Great formula, like most Orly's. Great, great polish!!!


Oh yeaaaah the bottle is sexy :)

A big, BIG thank you to all my followers! I cannot believe I have 900... absolutely unbelievable. I would have never thought anyone would actually be interested in my crap!
I'm feeling kinda in the mood for a giveaway! Maybe when I reach 1000? ;)


OPI At Your Quebec & Call and Romeo

OPI At Your Quebec & Call
This is a gorgeous murky, glowy olive green shade

It has scattered holo bits in it


Romeo is my 2 and a half year old long haired Seal Point siamese

his fur envlopes him like a halo, and it glows!

...kinda like this polish

Romeo is a curious kitty, always getting into things

He hates when I leave for vacation so he parks himself on top of my bags so I won't go...

But he's so cute, I always forgive him.

this was 3 coats of delicious, deadly chemical laced black label OPI.

Romeo likes to play

But he REALLY loves to sleep.. he could be a professional napper

he loves Christian

he loves me

Thanks for looking!