why i've been gone forever... babies!!!

Furry babies, that is.

Christian and I got our first puppy at the end of April. We've wanted a dog for so long, and we finally had the chance to get one. I had been looking on Craigslist for MONTHS, and the timing was right. We picked a solid blue nose  female pit bull who was 10 weeks old. We decided to name her Reign, or Rainie. She was the runt of the litter -- her dad was 110lbs and her mom 70! However, at 4 months old, she was still only 25 so we don't think she will be very big. Rainie is very smart. We were able to teach her how to sit and stay by 11 weeks.

3 months old already.

My mom and Reign. I loved seeing them together. My mom used to be terrified of pitties... not anymore!

A few days ago, now 4 months old. She can high five and shake like a pro!

When we took her to my parents house when Christian had leave, we didn't know how she would react to my kitties. She ended up being very curious and playful towards them. However, Romeo wanted nothing to do with her. He hissed and spat. Rosie just hid. So I accepted she and my cats would never be friends :( Unfortunately, we don't really know anyone with a cat, so we were worried that we wouldn't be able to socialize Rainie with cats so that she would be friendly and gentle towards them.

So we decided to get our own kitty!

We decided to get a Bengal from a breeder. I would have been fine with any kitty, preferably a rescue, but Christian only wanted a Bengal, so I agreed. We chose another female. I originally wanted a male, but I preferred the markings of this female. She is an 8 week old brown spotted Bengal kitten. We decided to name her Katana, after the sword.

She's still scared in our home, and is not a fan of Rainie. Rainie has endured many hisses.

Rainie is VERY curious and excited about her new sister. She is very gentle around her already. I'm super proud of her!

Katana is very, very talkative. We barely got any sleep on the first night.

They were able to play together -- Rainie chewed on the plastic end while Kat played with the feathers. I can't wait for them to become best friends!

I hope you enjoyed this update. Our furry babies have brought so much joy (and frustration) into our lives already!