favorites of 2009

Another year coming to a close.. I couldn't be happier. The new year is bringing me closer to seeing Christian... TWO WEEKS GUYS. Two weeks! Where the fuck does time go?


1. Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder
My favorite translucent powder. It evens out my skin tone and does keep me shine-free for a decent amount of time. And it's CHEAP! Definitely recommend.

2. MAC Pinch 'O Peach blush
The perfect blush color for me. It makes my skin look so healthy. When I was in Walmart one day, someone who didn't speak English very well told me I have nice skin and it looks so healthy.. I was flattered. Anyways, I LOVE this blush! For reference I'm about an NW15.

3. Vanilla pigment
How could anyone not love this? I use this in every single one of my looks... perfect as a highlight, lid color, inner corner highlight, or face highlight. And it's GORGEOUS. So shimmery! I would recommend this pigment to anyone, especially if they're just starting out their MAC collection.

4. Solar White eyeshadow
It looks horrible on me as a lid color or highlight, but in the inner corner... omg. Perfection. I'm so glad that it only works in the inner corner because I'll have it forever.. perfect. :)

5. C-Thru lipgloss
A perfect every day color! It's great layered too. I love it over Angel lipstick but it also looks great on its own. It tones done the color the slightest bit and leaves my lips nice and glossy!

6. Love Nectar lustregloss
Another perfect every day color, but this one is for days where I want a more rich color on my lips... it's SO sparkly. And I love the brushes and formula of lustreglasses.

7. NailTek Foundation II
OMG. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I cannot praise it enough. It has made my nails SO strong. I will continue to repurchase it over and over again.

8. Seche Vite topcoat
What can I say that hasn't already been said? Amazing.

9. OPI My Daddy's the King
Just scroll down and read my post about this polish. :)

10. China Glaze For Audrey
This polish is the most used out of all that I have... it's about half way empty. It was my first China Glaze and I still love it! This color is very flattering on me and has a certain 'edge' to it without being too flashy. I used to wear only this color for weeks straight. The formula isn't the best but nothing that can't be fixed with a bit thinner. One of China Glaze's best colors!

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your night! Happy New Year to everyone!!


lots of random crap

Random look:
NYX Milk
Vanilla pigment
Soft Brown
Solar White
W&W cream liner
L'oreal mascara


China Glaze LOL (Click me! I'm HUGE!)
LOOOOOVE this polish. I want to buy the entire OMG collection. Amazing... Sadly, it only looks this amazing in the sun. :(

Claire's Dream Catcher
MUA nail board made me buy this polish.. it's a dupe for Chanel Jade. I love it!

My wonderful father made me a new np rack. Here's my new station!

(Click me! I'm huge!.. again)

Here's a pretty lame random hobby.

Origami flowers!

^ just for the nails.. :P

These are balloon flowers. Everything is made out of paper and wire. Each flower takes about 15 minutes (not counting putting it on the stem and adding leaves) and there's a crap load of flowers in there.. it may be lame but it sure is time consuming, which is exactly what I need. :)


quite possibly the best polish in the world

I want to make love to this nail polish.

OPI My Daddy's the King

It's a crappy picture, I'll need to take another one soon. But HOLY CRAP guys. This is exactly 'my' color... a nude pink/peach with the slightest hint of shimmer that flatters my skin tone. I'm in love. Formula was niiiiice. This is 2 coats.

I love love love this color, I can't even express it.

Anyways, I'll stop being creepy... here's another NOTD. :P

W&W Black Creme

I think this is my first time ever doing a mani with plain black nails. I never really liked them... but now I do! I think it makes my hands look edgy yet elegant. However, I won't be doing it again any time soon.. it's just too plain for me.

Because I loved how it made my hands and nails look:

Thanks for looking!


christmas look

Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Pinch 'O Peach blush

NYX Milk
Vanilla pigment
Amber Lights
Seeds of Love
Gorgeous Gold
W&W cream liner
L'oreal mascara
Red Cherry #68

Love Nectar

then I changed to Viva Glam I.. I LOVE THIS COLOR.


merry christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! My family celebrates on the 24th, so today is Christmas for me :)

Here's our Christmas card for this year:

And a bonus! FOTD. I wasn't a big fan of this look... it looks kind of muddy. :(

Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Coygirl blush

NYX Milk
Plum Dressing
Soft Brown
Petal Worship
Young Punk
Vanilla pigment
Solar White
W&W cream liner
L'oreal mascara


close up of the lips with nails :)

Thanks for looking! Enjoy your day :)



I used Tahti's every day look tutorial.

usual, don't remember what blush..

Solar White
all the usual crap

remnants of Angel and Love Nectar

products i want to kill myself for buying

I was tagged by Saadeh to list the worst products of 2009. Thanks for the tag Saadeh! :)

MAC Hello Kitty Too Dolly quad

Yuck. I was bought into the hype of Hello Kitty, yet I didn't think twice about depotting my shadows and using the compact for B2M. I don't really like any of the colors, and I certainly don't use them enough to justify spending $40 on this. I use Stately Black from time to time, Yogurt is used very seldom, Too Dolly has been used only a couple of times, and I don't even touch Romping. Damn you Hello Kitty and your girly cuteness!!!

Newly Minted e/s

UGHHH. I can't remember the last time I used Newly Minted. I bought it because at the time I liked colors and this was pretty damn pigmented. When I brought it home, I thought about what the hell I was going to pair it with, and couldn't come up with anything. When I finally did use it, it was very chalky and when blended, it turned blotchy. I recommend everyone to stay away from this eyeshadow and MAC to discontinue it. :)

Orly Nails for Males

On the bottle somewhere, it says 'matte nail finish'. Uh, it's bullshit. I barely even turned my nailpolish into a satin finish. I tried to use it as a base coat, but it really sucked, so now it's just sitting on my rack. Sigh.

Thanks for looking. I have a couple of FOTDs to post, so look out for that!


all i need now is some lingerie.

I got this manicure idea from Wan. Her manicures are AMAZING.

I started off with 2 coats of OPI Pink of Hearts 2009...

Then added Konad plate M71 and Art Deco striping polish in black and a french tip with W&W Black Creme...

How cute is that? :) My mom said it looks like 'lingerie'.
Thanks for looking!


Color Club Magic Attraction

Ehh... I just don't really like glitter polishes. Except China Glaze Atlantis... oh god.

Color Club Magic Attraction

An off-silver holographic glitter. This is two coats. You can see the holo better here...

My mom's boss recently gave away some of her clothes and gave some to my mom. Surprising, I am the same size as her and I absolutely LOVED this dress!

I can't wait until I have somewhere to wear it. :)

finally!: icy blue tutorial

Finally did it. :) Hope you guys enjoy!

I used:
Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Benefit Dandelion

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Vanilla pigment
Too Dolly
Smoke & Diamonds
Stately Black
NYX White
W&W Mega Liner
L'oreal Telescopic Clean Definition mascara
Red Cherry 747m

C-Thru l/g

1. Prime with whatever.

2. pack Too Dolly (a perm. dupe is Aquadisiac) in the crease

3. blend it out

4. Vanilla pigment on the lid

5. Contrast in the outer corner

6. Blend it out

7. With a 217, I get a little of Smoke & Diamonds and gently apply in the area circled. I also apply a bit of Stately Black in the outer v to darken Contrast.

8. Apply undereye concealer. On the lashline, I apply Too Dolly - Smoke & Diamonds - Contrast from inner corner to outer. In the inner corner, I apply NYX White.

9. On top of NYX White, I apply Vanilla pigment

10. Liner! On the water line, I apply half black e/l and half white for a somewhat 'icy' look :)

11. Mascara

12. Falsies of course!

Then do your face and what not and apply your lip stuff.

Rosie doesn't like pictures. :(

Thanks for looking everyone!


Nothing is real, and nothing to get hung about...


Love that song, love this polish...

China Glaze Strawberry Fields

You can see the gold shimmer in the bottle. The gold flash is my favorite thing about this polish :) the formula is good. This is 2 coats.

And also, this was my mani a couple days ago...

China Glaze For Audrey

I LOVE this color on me. It's 'out there', yet it's not too strange and it doesn't make my hands look red. I forgot how much I love this color, it used to be my manicure for about a month straight.

I can't believe another week has gone by. I'll make the blue look tutorial tomorrow!


comparision: quick dry topcoats

Back in the day, the only thing that kept me from doing my nails frequently was the amount of time it took them to dry. Who had time to sit and wait for their nails to dry completely for 5 hours?

I didn't. But then I discovered quick drying topcoats. Cult favorites are Seche Vite and Poshe. You put them over wet polish and they are dry to the touch in a couple of minutes, and completely undentable in about an hour.

I've never tried Poshe, but Seche Vite was the first one that I tried.

I LOVED Seche Vite. It made my nail polish so shiny.

Then one day, I found out about Sally Hansen's Mega Shine topcoat on someone's blog. They said it was practically the same as Seche Vite, and my SV was running out and thickening like crazy, so I decided to give it a go.

I merely 'liked' Mega Shine. It seemed practically the same, but I really hate the brush and bottle. The brush is made up of these weird synthetic fibers that sometimes pick up the wet polish color. I absolutely hate the bottle because you can't see how much is left.. I had a bright idea and rubbed the side with pure acetone to remove the bottle coloring. It kind of worked.. the bottle is see through but murky.

Comparing them in regards to drying time, I prefer SV because I think it dries faster. Also, SV forms a thick, glossy coat over the polish (a must for gritty glitters!) while MS does not. I tried MS over China Glaze Atlantis and it felt as if it didn't even have a topcoat over it. Price-wise, Mega Shine costs about $7-8 dollars at drugstores, while Seche Vite cost me $5 at Sally Beauty Supply with a Sally's Card.

Here are pictures of manis with the different topcoats.

with Seche Vite

with Mega Shine

SV is just a touch shinier.
Overall, Seche Vite is my HG topcoat. I won't bother wasting my money on a different one again :)


twenty-four lilac

Hey everybody! Happy Friday. Fridays are my favorite day.. they signify another week over, and another week closer to Christian's return. Ahhh, 4 more weeks!!! :)

Here's 2 NOTDs.

OPI Do You Lilac It?
Don't mind my poor naked index finger... it was infected, but now it's better.

China Glaze Twenty-Four K
It doesn't look so special in most light, but it certain lighting it looks like pure gold. Kind of mirror-like. Not exactly my color, but I needed a break from girly pastels. :) The formula was alright. A little thick and runny... this is two coats.

Anyways, I'll try to put up a makeup tutorial this weekend. Enjoy your evening!


icy winter blues

Yaaaaay finally a makeup related post! I have definitely been lagging on those. :)

This look is for Crystal's contest. She has some great prizes, so check that out!

Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Benefit Dandelion
Vanilla pigment

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Vanilla pigment
Too Dolly
Smoke & Diamonds
Stately Black
W&W Mega Liner
L'oreal Telescopic Clean Definition mascara
Ardell Lacies

C-Thru l/g

So if you are obsessed with n/p, you've probably heard about how Ross is supposed to have 3 different sets of Color Clubs. I went to 3 Rosses until I finally found one... but it wasn't the one I wanted. I wanted either the Musique or Neon sets. But I only found glitter. I sighed and bought it anyways.

I was so disappointed. Most of them are colored glitter in a clear base, and would probably take 10 coats to be opaque. But I really like the second from the left.. it's more opaque than the rest and it's HOLOGRAPHIC. The set cost $8.

Thanks for reading. Have a great evening, everyone!