celebrity inspired look: lana del rey

Have you guys heard of Lana Del Rey? If you read music magazines, watch Saturday Night Live, or hell, even go on Yahoo, you've probably heard of her. Opinions of her are mixed. I'm one of the rare people who absolutely love her. Regardless of what her music sounds like (which I do enjoy!), I think she is one of the most glamourous, sexy, and iconic celebrities out there. If I could reinvent myself, I'd be Clara Del Rey. Okay, maybe not, but still....

 I was inspired by this photo of her - she looks absolutely glowy and summery. God. I just want to be her.


Maybelline concealer
MSFN Medium
Seeds of Love (e/s used as blush)

NYX Milk
Soft Brown
Creole Beauty
Amber Lights
Rich Ground f/l
Espresso (over Rich Ground to darken)
L'oreal False Lashes

 Lollipop Loving
Love Nectar



 I also fell in love with her nails. Here's my (all natural) version!
I used China Glaze 24k Gold, Zoya Purity, and China Glaze Pink Underground.

 Thanks for reading!