let's try to be... fancy

I have to praise my new VS Miraculous push up bra... the only bra that has ever given me real cleavage. I tried this one on when it first came out and hated it, but this time I tried it on in a size smaller and it looked a lot better. And look how awesome it makes my boobs look! Haha, sorry for being so excited over it, but I never thought my chest could look like this. Cleavage makes me feel kinda fancy! :)

I dyed my hair over the weekend. I prefer it darker! What do you guys think?

Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Benefit 10
Pinch 'O Peach

NYX Milk
Seeds of Love
Soft Brown
Vanilla pigment
Solar White
W&W creme liner
L'oreal mascara
Ardell 105s

a mix of Costa Chic and Patisserie

Sorry the eyelashes look kinda gross in this one..

So.. much.. smiles...
Anyways, I am off to celebrate my mother's birthday! Have a good evening and thanks for looking :)


quick look

Not too fond of this one...

Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Azalea Blossom

NYX Milk
Vanilla pigment
Beautiful Iris
Black Tulip
W&W creme liner
L'oreal Telescopic
Red Cherry #747M


These photos crack me up. Trying to be sexy doesn't quite work for me!


i think i've found heaven.

When I walked into this store, the clouds parted and Queen - Heaven For Everyone started playing...

Haha, but really. $4 for OPI, $2.50 for China Glaze, $2.75 for Orly, and $3 for Essie.
Oh my looooooooooooooooord.
So, of course, I got a little crazy.

Those nail swatch things were so much fun to do! Of course I didn't have enough...

Box 1.

Rainstorm - Meteor Shower - Happy Go Lucky - Frostbite - Ruby Pumps (back up) - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Box 2.

Wagon Trail - OPI & Apple Pie - I'm Not Really A Waitress - Fantasea - Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow - Seche Vite ($3!!!)

Box 3.

glass for acetone for cleanup - Fairy Dust - Petit Four (bu) - Bare If You Dare - Country Club Khaki (bu) - Absolutely Alice

Box 4.

Playa Del Platinum - Turquoise & Caicos - Splash of Grenadine - Lapis of Luxury - Jazz - Licorice

This was only $4:

Overall, I spent under $70.
I'm going to sleep well tonight :)


tutorial: my eyebrows

Hope you guys enjoy!

This is my bare eyebrow.

1. With a black eyebrow pencil (I love Rimmel's) I lightly fill in just the 'tail'. I brush it through with a spooley brush.

2. With an angled brush, I fill in the my whole brow with Mulch e/s. Again, not too heavy. I also brush it through with a spooley brush.

3. With a tiny angled artist's brush, I trace under and in front of my brow with concealer. (I don't know why the color of the concealer looks so off in these photos, it matches perfectly irl).

4. I blend out the concealer, and I am done.


not quite as boring

I actually like these neutrals! Now I know that matte neutrals > shimmery neutrals.
My skin looks kind of odd... it's reacted to something and it's all bumpy :( there's bumps on my legs and stomach too! Weird...

Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Pinch 'O Peach

NYX Milk
Tete a Tint
Aztec Brick
Vanilla pigment
Manila Paper
Solar White
W&W creme liner
L'oreal mascara
Ardell 113s

Lollipop Loving

Happy Friday!


tutorial: basic contouring with sketch

I received a few requests to make a tutorial for this look, so here it is!

(in order of appearance)
NYX Milk
Mink Pink
Vanilla pigment
Solar White
W&W cream liner
L'oreal Telescopic mascara

Sorry the pictures vary in their sharpness and lighting. Damned camera!
1. Prime

2. Mink Pink in the crease with a 217

3. Vanilla pigment on the lid

4. Pack Sketch on the outer lid with a 239

5. Blend it out (tapered blending brush)

6. Vanilla pigment as a highlight, and with a 217 I blend some Patina in the areas circled.

7. Inner to outer bottom lashline: Mink Pink - Patina - Sketch

8. Solar White in the inner corners

9. Liner

10. Mascara, and we're done! Super simple :)

Thank you for looking! I also made an eyebrow tutorial, so I'll have it posted in a couple of days. Have a great day!


aw, sweetie, you shouldn't have!

The UPS man brought me a nice square box yesterday. I hadn't ordered anything so I was baffled...

This perfume was in that box along with a very sweet note from Christian.
I've been wanting this for a while and it's so expensive I didn't think I'd ever own it... and he gifted me with it for absolutely NO reason! Awww!
If you haven't smelled it, I recommend you do. It smells AMAZING.

I truly have the best :)


huge ass haul


Revvvolution - Wild at Heart - Fashion Addict

Cowgirl Up - Let's Groove - Fifth Avenue - Pink Rox-e

Opal Hope - Snowcone - Gumdrop



I walked into a beauty supply store which I have only been to once before, and look what I found!
OPI DS Fantasy

I couldn't believe my luck. I gasped and quickly made my way to the register. It was the only one they had.. it's very old as you can tell by the cap.

DS Glamour - DS Fantasy
(compare the caps!)

I like to think of Fantasy as Glamour's more serious and professional older sibling, who works at an office job while Glamour works as a stripper.

Yum. I can't wait to wear it.


Cellnique Paramedical

I was recently contacted by Cellnique if I would review some products. This was the first time I have ever been asked to review something so of course I jumped at the opportunity!

Gentle Foaming Cleanser - Intensive Hydrating Oasis Gel - Skin Purifying Daytime Protection

Same order as above.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser 35.00
I loved the smell of this. It smelled like Chinese lychee flavored candies.. mmm. It made my skin feel very fresh and clean. I normally use Cetaphil as a face wash, and this definitely felt a lot better. One thing I didn't like was the bottle. It was fairly hard to squeeze out (the plastic it was made out of was firm). When I'm dead tired in the mornings, I can't be bothered to fuss over a hard to squeeze bottle! Maybe I'll pour it into something else... but besides the packaging, I really like this product.

Intensive Hydrating Oasis Gel 41.00
As you can see in the 'swatch' picture, it really is a gel. In the mornings, I use moisturizer with SPF in it so I would be using this gel at night. However, in the cold weather, I prefer a more heavy creamy moisturizer. I can see myself using this one a lot and liking it much more in the summer. It had a slight cooling effect to my skin, and when applying it my skin burned a little (not too unusual, my skin is very sensitive and usually burns when testing out a new product). It didn't have a distinct smell.

Skin Purifying Daytime Protection 32.00
I thought this would be a plain moisturizer, but to my surprise it turned out to be a tinted moisturizer. I've never used one in my life (noob!) so I was looking forward to trying this one out. It made my skin look a bit oily, so I put translucent powder (and blush) over it. I applied it with a 187.
Obviously, it makes my skin look very nice. However, I'm not very fond of the feeling of foundation on my skin but those who like tinted moisturizers should check this out. Oh, almost forgot! It has an SPF of 20 which I really liked. You can never be too protected from the sun!

I must say, I love the style and colors of the packaging. It looks so clean and classic!

I was provided with this item for no cost by the company in exchange for an honest review.