Orly Galaxy Girl & THANK YOU!

Orly Galaxy Girl
Oh myyyyyyyy. How amazing is this color? Burgundy, blue, pink, orange... a true chameleon! The duochrome (multichrome) doesn't translate too well on the nail, unfortunately. This was 3 coats. Great formula, like most Orly's. Great, great polish!!!


Oh yeaaaah the bottle is sexy :)

A big, BIG thank you to all my followers! I cannot believe I have 900... absolutely unbelievable. I would have never thought anyone would actually be interested in my crap!
I'm feeling kinda in the mood for a giveaway! Maybe when I reach 1000? ;)


  1. congrats with reaching 900 followers! :) can't wait to reach that someday myself.

    ps that IS a pretty color. reminds me of the recent MAC collection that came out

  2. I adore your blog and actually mentioned you in my recent blog post haha- I think I have a blog crush! I really love your eye make up tutorials, your eyes always look amazing and they're really helpful. x

  3. that's a gorgeous shade :) I'm wearing on my nails today as well

  4. I'm a long time lurker but only recently made a blogger account to start following blogs, but I just wanted to say congrats on your milestone! I love your eye makeup looks as well! :D

  5. I like how it looks on nails, this would be fun on toes too :-)

  6. I just wanted to say, you have such a lovely blog here, it's so cool to see all those OPI colours on nails! I love OPI so much! Can't get many colours here in the UK :( but thanks for sharing. You're cats are GORGE! x

  7. I love your blog! I truly miss your makeup looks. Please don't leave us hanging for too long without them. You are truly talented and beautiful and we want you to continue to share that talent with us. Please do more makeup looks! Thanks!