Am I a horrible blogger or what? No need to answer... I have just been so busy with school coming to a close and work!

But I have some great news!
By popular demand, I have decided to make a Youtube channel for video tutorials! I should have it up and running within the next couple of weeks. Any recommendations for my first tutorial? :)

So this post isn't completely meaningless, here are some old (2 of them are from last year!) NOTDs.

Starting with my new favorite summer color!

Essie Splash of Grenadine
3 coats. Delicious formula. Second picture I'm holding my new favorite lotion! I bought it at Walmart for about $4. Go get it!

All my flowers all doing so wonderful! If you didn't already know, I have a HUGE green thumb. I love to garden. These are my hanging fuschias.

From last year:
China Glaze Jolly Holly

Orly Space Cadet
over Orly Matte Vinyl

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Thanks for looking!!


  1. Splash of Grenadine is such a perfect summer color.

    And your fuschias are so gorgeous.

    I'm @grrrlgerms on Twitter.

  2. oh i love that colour! let me see if the UK wants to carry this :)

  3. glad to see you back!

    what polish are you wearing in your pic on twitter of your engagement ring?

  4. Great color,I'm gonna have to buy it too now :))

    I can't wait for the video tutorials,please do the paradisco & glam gaga look!

  5. yay for YT chanel! SPlash of Grenadine is also one of my all times faves, great colour

  6. I love splash of grenadine!! So pretty!

  7. Yay for your Youtube channel!
    I would love if you can do a tutorial on this look :
    I tried to do it myself but it's far from yours!

  8. Clara: Your work is beautiful, sorry my English is unclear. I am writing from Argentina. I always see your makeup is perfect! Congratulations!

  9. absolutely love the pink essie polish - it looks like one of those fab shades that you could wear with pretty much any outfit

    Oh and the ORLY one looks awesome too... Only discovered ORLY recently cos one of my local stores started stocking it and I'm already a massive fan :)

  10. Splash of Grenadine is gorgeous on your nails! The polish + flowers photo is so pretty! I want this polish now!

  11. I LOVE the first colour, makes me feel happy! Can't wait for the youtube channel to be up and running, looking forward to some tutorials :)

    following you on twitter now @othersideofcool xxx

  12. Love the Essie polish! Looking forward to your youtube vids :)

  13. Im looking so forward to your videos. I was wondering if you could do a video on your post entitled porn star eyes with all the smokey greys.

  14. I am absolutely obsessed with YouTube so I'm very excited that you have decided to start making videos! Yay!!! :D
    Will you post your YT user name soon?
    I have that Essie polish btw and it's a really neat color!

  15. Be sure to leave the info so we can find you on YT! I would love some fun summery bronzey makeup tutorials!

  16. I love the orly space cadet colour! Where did you buy it?
    twitter: @Beauty_is_Best

    Please check out my new blog! Tell me what you think!