well if you say so...

I haven't been checking my blog too frequently these days. I decided to check today, and I found this little gem...
Aw, I love you too sweetie.
For those who don't know, Christian is my fiance who is currently serving in Afghanistan as a US Marine. And he's bored out of his mind.

Anyways, a hodgepodge type post is better than no post, right?

OPI Tickle My France-y, OPI Just Tea-sing, China Glaze Ravishing Dahling

I've been obsessed with half moon manicures lately. Standard half moons are usually a nude or white moon, with the rest of the nail in any shade of red. I decided to reverse it, and I really liked this! I felt all vintage and classy.

On my last post, a lot of you guys said you'd love to see some recipes and baking photos! Well, I got super excited and rushed to the kitchen to make chocolate macarons. They turned out horrible. Because my almond meal was too moist, the shells turned out fragile and soggy. They look awfully perfect in the pan though, don't they?

And what's a random post without cat pictures?

Well Christian, I hope you're happy now ;)

And to everyone else. Thanks for reading!


  1. awwwww, this letter was so cute and heartfelt! (tear)
    i love the polish its cute and unique, also yummmm macarons!

    p.s (send the guy a few pics, lol)

  2. Haha the comment from Christian was hilarious, true and adorable! It's so nice that he takes the time to check it because he clearly misses you- what a cutie!

    I am always pleased when you post but understand that there is more to life than blogging! The halfmoon mani is lovely, the main colour is gorgeous and the moon really jazzes it up. The cats, of course, are beautiful! xx

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  3. Haha I absolutely love this! Way to go, Christian!
    I was hoping you'd return soon :D

  4. LOL! At least he put it nicely ;) hahaha. Whenever I went a DAY without sending my husband photos while he was in Afghanistan & Kyrgyzstan, he would tell me "you NEVER send me ANYTHING." Such drama queens military men are xP

    I agree! I love your posts! It'd be great to see more!

  5. I agree with your hubby to be and I think this post was just way too cute! I love your blog!

  6. Awww, that's so sweet!!!

    And I love the nails, this type of mani looks very classy... but I would replace the red with another color, to me it looks like blood:)). Though that goes really well for Halloween :)

  7. Aww Christian's sooo cute! It's so nice of him to stalk your blog and think of you all the way from Afghanistan(: Love the cats, they're adorable! And the macarons look really good though!

  8. I agree with Christian!

    And yes, macarons are so hard to bake. That's why i just buy them lol. Good thing i live in France, we have them everywhere ;-)

  9. wow sweet fiancee, between I love shade of you polished!


  10. That was ADORABLE! Aww! Happy day!

    Quick question: What camera do you use? The pic quality is AMAZING! Do you use any photo editing device? Thanks!

  11. Tao, I use a Nikon D5000 and Photoshop CS5 to crop and enhance lighting :)

  12. Nicely put Christian !!!

    This has got to be the most sweet adorable gesture I have ever seen !!!!

    I can't wait for new videos missy !! you owe me a tutorial on your trax look !!


    xoxo Jess

  13. Wow ! It's incredible how beautiful the 2nd cat is ! I want it !!!!!


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  14. The reversed moon manicure is gorgeous! And macarons?! Awesome!

  15. I´m a follower from Spain, and i also miss your post. Thank you for discover me some amazing nail polish, but my favourite is DV8 from China Glaze, after months of looking on ebay i get it.

    Greetings from Spain!

  16. Ahw, so sweet! But he's right, we want more posts! posts posts posts (especially cat posts :)) )