baked by clara: homemade strawberry-kiwi jam

All throughout my life, I have jumped from hobby to hobby. Be it makeup, knitting, painting, or nail polish, they all fade into each other and change like the seasons - slowly creeping away without much notice. Right now, my heart belongs to cooking/baking. If I can make anything, from scratch, I will. Almost all boxed/processed foods, no matter how healthy, have some extra ingredients that I can't pronounce. So I would much rather just make it myself and know everything that goes into it! And it's so much more fun that way. Enter: homemade jam.

You will need:
1lb fresh/thawed fruit
1/4c raw sugar
1/4 c water
lemon zest (not pictured)
Stevia (optional)

For my 1lb of fruit, I used about a cup of strawberries and 3 large kiwis. Quarter your strawberries, peel and dice your kiwis.

Bring your water to a simmer in a small saucepan.

Throw in your fruit, sugar, and zest from about half of the lemon. Stir.

Reduce heat to medium low and let simmer/reduce for about 1 hour, to an hour and a half, until it's nice and thick. It won't have the exact consistency of store bought jam because of it's low sugar content. It'll look somewhat like this:

Stir in some Stevia if jam is not sweet enough. Let cool and store - I used an old jam jar.

Pretty damn easy, right?

I noticed that I am 4 followers away from 1,500. That's crazy. I can't believe people actually like me.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. yummmy, i love strawberry kiwi

  2. Mmmmm This looks amazing! And of Course people like you! You are amazing!

  3. My mom makes jam all the time, I'll have to show her this.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. "I noticed that I am 4 followers away from 1,500. That's crazy. I can't believe people actually like me."
    LOLOLOLLL. It's statements like that that make people like you.

    So much noms!! I don't eat jam enough to warrant making it from scotch. Eh but I may if I have some downtime xP

  5. So yummy, I should try my hand at making jam on day. You make it look so easy :)

  6. My hobbies are just like yours... changing all the time! But that's what make it better!
    you should try strawberry-berry-rasperry jam!
    BTW I Love your blog!