a little retro, a little creepy.... all me

Long time no post, eh?
Lazy me + new semester + other interests = dead blog. Math sucks, am I right?

Anyways, this was my NOTD for the past couple of days. A little retro because of the half moons. A little creepy because, well, it looks like blood. And all me, because that's just the way I am!

OPI Sand in my Suit
Essie Rock Candy
China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling

I used french tip guides and paper hole reinforcers to make it perfect.

I'm seeing and meeting my favorite band on Sunday... I am so nervous, and I may die, so if I don't post for a long time, it's because of that.
Just kidding.

Not really.

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. It's cute! And who is your fav band?

    1. don't laugh.. but Big Time Rush. well it's not that bad, because they're all around my age... but still! lol

  2. unique!! it's really nice!!!


  3. it looks very original ! like it ! and it's so sad that I bite my nails, I must finish doing it :p !

    ahimo.blogspot.com :):)

  4. Very creepy! Kinda halloweenish, but I love it! Fab idea to use paper hole reinforcers for the moons - genius! Might have to steal that one! Jem x

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  12. Great manicure, very original!!! Would you like to follow each other?? xxxx

  13. Never seen something like this before but I have to say that it's sooo beautiful!

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  15. True, it does look like blood but it also looks lush! xx

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  16. I love the polish trend!!!! I will try it!

    (if you review nailpolish I would apreachiate it if you point out if the concistency is jelly-like, because thouse are my favorites! (sorry for possible spelling mistaces)