when the hell..

..did I get 137 followers?! Wow, but thanks a bunch to everyone who follows me!! :)

The infamous Ruby Pumps:

It's a really crappy picture, sorry for that :( When I use it again, I'll get a better one... anyways, I LOVE this color. And you're hearing this from someone who's hands get as red as a lobster at times. Ruby Pumps didn't make them look more red than usual. The shimmer is absolutely gorgeous, and when the light hits it... -thud-. Beautiful, beautiful color. I love it on my toes, too! :)

Today's mani is OPI DS Coronation.

Not as holographic as the CG holo polishes or some other DS ones, but it's still nice. This is 3 coats, it was pretty sheer.

I've been using 'cult favorite' strengthening polishes lately, and I got such an awesome deal on them.

The mini Nail Envys were $1.99 each (they were on sale- regular price was $4.99, for just 1/4oz.!). I found NailTek at Marshall's for $3.00. It was a godsend.
My nails seems a lot stronger! I've been using both alternatively. I'll have to keep using them to see what one I prefer. :)

Have a great evening, everyone :)


  1. Do you like Nail Envy? I used it a few years back and it seemed to make my nails brittle....I do love your holiday colors! Very festive :)


  2. Love the nails!
    And congrats on the followers! One day it was like that for me and *boom* I had a whole lot more! I really gotta check out DS Coronation

  3. ohmigosh! DS Coronation looks awesome!!!
    think i am going to pick that up for some holiday parties :)

  4. Jules- so far, yes, I do. It seems to be working!

    Cheryl and Nicole- you should! It's so sparkly even without direct light!