Dating A Marine

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been trying to spend as much time as I can with Christian.

We went out for dinner last night, to some fancy place in downtown San Jose called Arcadia. It was GOOD. I sadly did not get any photos of the food, but I have ones from before we left...

My makeup was very simple, I did not get any close ups but it was...
Pinch O' Peach on cheeks
Vanilla pigment as cheekbone highlight

Woodwinked as a wash
Espresso in the crease
Vanilla pigment as highlight
Solar White in inner corner

Angel l/s with patisserie l/s on top

And my nails!

OPI Dating A Royal
I renamed this one Dating A Marine, hence the title, because it matches his uniform pants so well. :) This is 3 coats. Nice formula. It was on my toes as well, if you can see in the full length body shot...

Thanks for looking!


  1. Aww! You guys look so cute together! Your dress is gorgeous, too. And that polish couldn't be more perfectly named. :)

    I ALWAYS take photos of my food. LOL! (Maybe if I stuck to taking pictures of it instead of eating so much of it, I wouldn't weigh an extra thirty pounds right now. LOL!)

  2. you guys look so perfect together. I'm happy that your bf is back. Wish you many years of cuteness :)

  3. how cute! enjoy your time with him!! .. I love the nails and the make up too.

  4. you look fabulous in your dress! that's so sweet, matching your nails to his trousers.
    oh & do yu happen to know a good gold nail polish available in the uk? xx

  5. aww u two are ADORABLE! :) i'm so glad you got to spend time with him!

  6. Caliente! That dress looks really good on you!!
    You must be the happiest girl right now!

  7. you are such a gorgeous girl!

  8. Thanks so much everyone! Claire, sadly I do not :(

  9. I love dating a royal! One of my favs, hence it being in my profile pic, :-D

    You're really gorgeous, and you two make a lovely couple :-)

  10. very cute! you two looks so happy together :)

  11. Aw, you look so happy!

  12. very cute, thanks for sharing! : )

  13. You guys look so good together! I love the twist on the nail polish's name!

  14. You two look so cute together! You must be so proud of him :)

    Nice polish by the way.

  15. so cute !! <3

    i LOVE that nail polish, i've been really digging the blue lately

  16. You are beautiful, and you guys look so cute together.

    And your shoes are to die for! I'm in loveeeee! Where did you get them?

  17. Thanks Nicole and Arezu! I got them at DSW :)

  18. where did you get your dress?? it's amazing!