i'm not dead

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. A 'black wave' hit me. I might not have been dead, but I sure was wishing I was.


Here's a look I did the other day.

same old
Pinch 'O Peach blush

concealer as base
Soft Brown
Solar White
W&W cream liner

UD Midnight Cowboy l/l
Viva Glam I

I dyed my hair last week. I hate it. :(

Yesterday's NOTD.

OPI Russian Navy suede
I LOVEEEE this np. I thought it was going to make my hands look disgusting, but it didn't! This is 2 coats. I found the formula easy to work with... I don't know what all this talk is about the suede's horrible formula. Both of the suedes that I own are easy to apply. I love how they look, too!

Today's NOTD.

China Glaze Rainbow
This is 3 coats. I bought this bcause at Sally's they had a deal where if you buy Seche Vite you get a free ChG polish. I could NOT pass that up. I had a hard time deciding between this and Frostbite... I decided on Rainbow because it looked slightly similar to ChG Afterglow (which I majorly lemmed after Scrangie's post) but they're not that similar. I wish I bought Frostbite. Sigh.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hey Clara, you look gorgeous with red lipstick. You should def wear it more. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope whatever it is, you will be better soon :)

    I agree on the suede formula, I've got two and they apply like a dream. Oh, and Forstbite is my hubby's fave nail polish on me, lol!

  2. i'm a new follower to your blog...and i love your posts! stay well :)

  3. hi sweetie, i hope you feel a bit more positive soon!
    your looking lovely as always, those nail colors are to die for!

  4. you look amazing. I really want to try some suede finishes. it's going to be my next major nail haul (next wk I think if I can get my filthy paws on the China Glaze Up & Away collection....)

  5. you're gorgeous! I'm going to have to check out the wnw creme liner when my fluidline dries out! glad I found your blog <3

  6. The first look is very 50s? I love it!

    I love the blue OPI polish!

  7. lovely! & seriously, VGI is YOUR red lippie. i'm sorry you don't like your hair, i like it! you look saucey! ; )

  8. Glad your back hun! You can definatly rock red lips, that's for sure :)

    Great NOTD's too, the OPI one is very pretty

  9. I'm sorry that you're not feeling well, Clara! :( Holler if you need anything!

    Your nails look fantastic! I especially like the blue polish. I am also diggin' your hair color. You're working that red 'do! :)


  10. I love the look, it's so pretty and classic. And you don't like your new hair? I really like it!

    That polish is beautiful! I really need to get on the matte/suede nail trend, haha.

  11. great look! red suits you soo well! Love the blue nails ;-)

  12. I haven't tried any of the OPI suede polishes yet, but your NOTD is pretty, maybe I need to!

  13. Your NOTD is very pretty! I think your hair loos Good ;)


  14. Hi Honey , sorry about the black wave but don't forget you're the loveliest mermaid ever so swim the harder you can ;-)

    Caro xxx

  15. You look gorgeous! :) I love that new hair color, why do you hate it? Please do tell which color you used? Thanks! :)


  16. Thanks everyone!
    Caro, what a thoughtful thing to say :)

    BeautyPsycho- I first used L'oreal Feria in Iridiscent Blonde, but hated it, so washed with baby shampoo which stripped out some of the color.. and then I used Clairol Natural Instincts in Brass-Free Light Brown, which altered the color ever so slightly. Lol, it sure is complicated, but I HTH. :)

  17. I love your hair actually!! It'll grow on you, hopefully. ^_^ I just dyed my hair black today. It's kinda intense and makes me look more pale but hopefully I'm like it more later on. Lovely FOTD and NOTDs. You always look pretty!

  18. You are just so pretty! Love the blog!

  19. Gorgeous!
    Love your hair too!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  20. I really like the hair color! It warms up your skin tone :).

  21. Hi! I love this eyes look for my wedding day! Please, do a tutorial!!!

  22. Russian Navy Suede looks gorgeous on you!