look what i found!

The closest Ross to my house usually sucks. I never find anything there. But yesterday, I went there and came out with:Color Club Pardon My French set

Wow. I take back all the things I said about you, Ross.
At this Ross they had 2 of these sets, and 3 of the neon sets. I just WOW'd. I got both of my glitter and neon sets from Ross' far away from where I lived. I was very pleased to see that my Ross is finally catching on. In case you're wondering, all the sets cost $7.99.
I'm most excited for the baby blue (Take Me to Your Chateau). The rest seem sheer.

And other stuff..
MUA nail board is a dangerous place. For your wallet.
The concept of the Claire's mood nail polishes seemed pretty fucking awesome. And there were tons of great pictures of them on the nail board... sigh. Let's hope they work.

I really need to stop buying nail polishes. I don't have any room :(
Here's how my racks currently look:
Blues/Neutrals/Base coats + Top coats

Everything else.

Click here. It made me laugh. (from a couple months ago)

Sigh. What to do...


  1. That´s a lot of nailpolishes. I have a new storage for my nailpolish posted on my blog. Please check them out!

  2. clarie's nail polishes look so cute :)

  3. If I had a solution for the no buy thing, I would help you but I am afraid I am completely useless in this area ! If it were only for the nail polishes I,d be a happy bunny ;-)
    Love your storage !

    Caro xxx

  4. ah that's some awesome haul! I'm still waiting for my damn VNS order :(

  5. Very nice storage! My polishes are all in clear stackable containers...if I leave them out, my sisters get to them and they get all goopy (the polish, not my sisters lol).

  6. Your polish collection is amazing!

  7. Thanks everyone! I hope you get your order soon, Saadeh!

  8. get another rack, of course!

  9. cute nail polish collection!! looks like a lil nail salon!