two kick ass NOTDs

The second I applied these two, they instantly fell into my Top 20 Nail Polishes of all time. Shit, they even made it into the Top 10.

OPI Damone Roberts 1968
This was a gift from Christian :) And a great gift, indeed! I never expected a mint/jade colored polish to be so flattering... it didn't make my hands look red at all! I kept this on for two days and did not become bored of it whatsoever. That's saying something. This was 3 coats, and it's formula was delicious. Mmmm, black label OPI.

(Can you spot the kitty?)
OPI DS Original
Look at that bottle!!! Slightly disappointing, because it is not that holo on the nail.. but it still is blindingly holographic. 3 coats as well. And, this too is black label. Deadly chemicals make for an impeccable formula!

Compared with Nfu-Oh 64:
I didn't think it was possible to out holo a Nfu-Oh. But you proved us all wrong, OPI.

This is why I am an OPI girl, and always will be ♥


  1. I love OPI DS Original! It is super gorgeous. DR 1968 is really gorgeous, as well.

  2. WOW! So wicked!!

  3. The green one is just AMAZING love it

  4. ohhh purrrrty n/p's!! **drools**

  5. Holo is gorgeous !

    Caro xxx

  6. That Mint one is pretty...It reminds me of ORLY's Mint Mojito...not sure of they are dupes though...This OPI one is sooo pretty...

  7. Thanks everone! Resham, they're definitely not dupes. DR1968 is a jade color whilst MM is actually green.

  8. omg must have that first color!! agghhh

    ps. Nominated you for an award! :)