Yes... I think it is... I've finally found a dupe for my favorite nial polish ever, MAC's Love & Friendship.


This is huge! I'm almost out of my L&F, the brush/brush handle sucks, the formula was good when it was brand new but now it sucks, it's expensive... and it was LE (A Rose Romance).
But now, those things don't matter anymore, because I have found Orly's Petit Four.

They look a bit different in the bottles, but on paper, they're identical. Sorry I don't have any swatches :(
Orly costs $5.99 at Sally's, but with a discount card I think it's around $4? I also recently saw Orly at Longs/CVS as well.

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  1. cool, I need to get the Orly. I love Orly's formula and brush much more than MAC's