Sharing our love between the sheets.

CHI In Between The Sheets
Of course I only got this for the name. How could I not?! I love love love The Isley Brothers. Such a great band... but anyways. I would have never tried this brand if it were not for the name of the polish, haha. This cost $8 and it contains less polish than the average .5 fl oz. I don't even like the color very much. But, like I said, the name got to me. Great, great song ♥

Color Club Revvvolution
Um, where's the holo? A: hidden in the bottle. How disappointing. I thought that maybe this would squelch my hardcore lemming for OPI MPJ (original) and it did not. However, I was extremely satisfied with the formula. 2 coats (almost a 1 coater)!! For a HOLO! Too bad the color sucks. It looks like a dirty green-tinged charcoal in most lighting. But, if that's the type color you're looking for, buy this one solely for the great formula.

China Glaze Frostbite
I thought I was going to love this one... but I don't :( There most be something wrong with me- it's BLUE! And I don't like it! I think it's just an unflattering shade of blue and I'm not too fond of the finish. It's also a lot lighter than I thought it would be. Sigh. This was 3 coats, and it smelled horrible. It smelled the same as Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (which smelled like a medley of weed and rot). How disappointing!


  1. I'm loving the first color! Such a unique color ;-)

  2. Could you please do a blog post on your favorite nail polishes?

  3. the first color is so pretty!! i've never seen a nail polish color like that! i always love your fotd's. too bad i'm too lazy to do my nails!

  4. Oh my GOD!! The very first nail polish color is just gorgeous!! I am lovin it!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. oh wow! being a sheep and commenting on the first colour...it's gorgeous :) are they your real nails?

  6. Thanks everyone! Yes, they're my real nails!

  7. Do you have a youtube chanel?

  8. I love that CHI polish! I think that's a really nice shade of blue :)