six more days

...until Christian comes home! Ahhh! I'm as excited as little a girl is for Christmas. It's been 5 months since I've seen him, and very fortunately, time flew by. I most likely won't be too active a blogger when he is here, so please forgive me!

This post is compiled of 4 gorgeous summer-y polishes I've worn recently. Hope you enjoy!

OPI Absolutely Alice
I thought I didn't like glitter... this here changed my mind! Soooo pretty and sparkly. Whenever the sun hit my hands, I stared in awe. This is a must have! 3 coats. Glitters normally chip on me in less than one day, but for this mani I used Barielle Manicure Extender over the 3 coats and then SV on top of that. It made my nails smooth (hard to achieve when wearing glitter) and it wore sufficiently for 2 days.

OPI Wing It!
This is from OPI's current summer collection, and it definitely has a summery feel! I love this, although I totally didn't think I would. I actually bought this for the name. It's a phrase I find myself saying quite often... anyways, Wing It! is a fine glitter like Catch Me In Your Net (previous post) which makes removal easier than standard glitters and there's absolutely no grittiness with top coat. This was 3 coats. Sorry about the dark spots- I was wearing OPI Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow the day before this.

Pure Ice Strapless over Pure Ice French Kiss
Pure Ice makes some pretty good polishes! I've worn Strapless before without layering it over anything and it took 4 coats for complete opacity. This is 1 coat Strapless over 1 coat French Kiss and it looks even better than it does by itself! It isn't as dark and rich as the first picture depicts- the second photo is pretty accurate. Strapless and Absolutely Alice are my favorite glitters... then again, how can I not love them? They're blue!

OPI Shootout at the O.K. Coral
Like Wing It!, I didn't think I would like this one either. But of course, I ended up loving it. Top 20 for me! This is my current NOTD. It's very flattering on my hands, however, it didn't look so good on my toes. This is 3 coats and the formula was perfect. This color makes me feel so girly! I almost don't want to take it off... almost.


  1. strapless <3
    they are all nice but strapless looks perfect <3
    I only wish I could get it anywhere in my country ...

  2. Åh i really want the first one, it's so prettyy!!(:

  3. Hello! okay? I just to say I loved these glazes, especially the sparkling blue. They are pretty even.
    Big hug!

  4. (Laughs) looks not speak English, but for me to communicate use the google translator. Bye!

  5. I used to hate glitter as well but all of a sudden i have an urge to get only glittery polishes! now im sorry i missed out of absolutely alice

  6. pure ice strapless is the best blue glitter ever and looks fabulous layered over french kiss.