it's fall!

It may be fall, but here in CA the weather has been so hot... LA had around 113F, while here in San Jose it was around 100F. Ugh! But thankfully, the weather is going back to normal fall temperatures... it feels so wrong to wear fall colors on my nails when it still feels like summer!

Here are the fall inspired nails I've been wearing lately.

Orly Space Cadet
I've been drooling over Orly's Cosmix collection ever since the press release came out. My beauty supply never got them, and all the Sally's I went to were always sold out of the good colors. I got Space Cadet through a swap. I wish my nails were longer... my nubs don't justify this color haha. This was 3 coats.

OPI Cuckoo For This Color
This shocked me! I liked it so much more than I expected to. The color is STUNNING and was surprisingly flattering on my lobster hands. This was 2 coats, with an impeccable formula. What's there not to love?

Zoya Cheryl
Now this polish really looks like fall! I love this color. It's so woodsy and glowy and warm... This too had a perfect formula. 2 coats.

I planted some new flowers last weekend, so here's some spam :)


  1. These nail polishs are georgeous! I love Zoya Cheryl! Following you! :)


  2. I love your nail polishes! :)
    Your pictures are so nice and clear :)
    Did you plant all of those? My mom would love those :P

  3. loveeee the polish!!!!!!!!! omg love them!!!