eating healthy...

...is so hard.
I've picked up few bad habits over my life span, such as eating when I'm bored, crave something, or when I just feel like it. And I like sweets wayyy too much for my own good.
I've always been fairly active, but for the past couple of years my energy levels have been decreasing, and exercising is such a task that I just dread doing it.
Sometimes I can eat perfectly healthy throughout the day, but after I finish dinner, I'll have a couple of sweets and then some more and it goes on. Then I feel extremely guilty.
I guess I really just need some willpower. I need to stop snacking throughout the day and exercise a little more. I will try!

On a side now, I'm giving my nails a major, major rest. I chopped themoff as short as they can go, and I will continue to keep this them length until the stains and ridges grow out. I have huuuuge ridges on one of my nails.. I don't even know how they're possible. I feel so unfeminine with short nails, I can't wait for this to be over :(

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  1. I feel your pain Clara! God knows I love my chocolates...and yummy, caloric foods. I try to eat healthy too, but by the end of the day I'll be craving something and there goes my attempt at healthiness!