i love konad!

I just received my first Konad order! I ordered from OCNailArt.com, which I would HIGHLY recommend, as everyone else does :) I ordered the double ended stamper + scraper, plate holder (completely unnecessary), and 3 plates: m57, m41, and m71.

It's so much fun! Easier than I thought it'd be, too. It's a bit difficult to get to design perfect on your nail, but practice should take care of that. I did my mom's nails, and they were way easier to do than my own, surprisingly.

Here's my first ever Konadicure:

Pure Ice Twinkle w/ plate m57
Not perfect, but decent for a first timer :)

Now I finally have something to occupy myself with. I can't wait to order more!


  1. omg i just subscribed 2 ur blog after seeing one of ur fotd's on spektra net...Love ur blog:D Im just getting into nail polishes and was always wondering how did ppl get those cute designs...I am gonna order a ton of stuff from this site (I have like 6 plates already in the basket lol). Could u plz do a picture tut on how u actually achieve these designs on the nails? Also are the special stamping nail polish absolutely necessary to use with the plates or will regular polishes do? Thanx in advance:D