my teeny e/s collection

I'm running out of ideas for blog posts, so here's a peek into my palettes. I've been buying MAC for about 7 months now. I really try to restrict my spending!

Style Black is so close!!! I booked a makeover to get during my FS's event, which is Thursday. Thursday will be a great day...

Solar White, Gorgeous Gold, Patina, Satin Taupe, Coppering
Brule, Soft Brown, Smoke & Diamonds, Amber Lights, Club
Ricepaper, Seeds of Love, Woodwinked, Mulch, Carbon

Can you tell I like neutrals?

NYX White, Motif, Too Dolly, Satellitle Dreams, NYX Gray
Dazzlelight, Beautiful Iris, Romping, Sumptuous Olive, Contrast
Yogurt, Petal Worship, Newly Minted, Poison Pen, Stately Black

I have others, but those are in quads because I have no room :(


  1. For 7months - that's a nice collection. I noticed people with small collections tend to use it all quickly as oppose to ones with more things (like my broke ass haha).

    Everything I owe looks like it hasn't been touched (and majority aren't) because I have so many things. Blah.

  2. Love the eyeshadows on your palette! Id love to get my hands on Petal Worship and Newly Minted. =) mm.. by the way, how did you depot your Hello Kitty TOo Dolly palette?.. I'd like to depot mine, but I'm worried I'll ruin the packaging :( xx

  3. Your collection might be small but it's well rounded. And you use it all beautifully :)

  4. thanks girls :) Livia- i didn't give a shit about my packaging lol, but i just popped out the insert with all the e/s on it, then put the insert over a flat iron and popped them out. the HK casing stayed pretty intact :)

  5. ooo... thanks Clara! I'm gonna try that now :) xx

  6. I love your collection! I think it's pretty big myself... but I've only been collecting MAC a year and I have just under two 15x palettes full :( On my wish list is a bunch of shadows. Which ones are your favourite?