aw, sweetie, you shouldn't have!

The UPS man brought me a nice square box yesterday. I hadn't ordered anything so I was baffled...

This perfume was in that box along with a very sweet note from Christian.
I've been wanting this for a while and it's so expensive I didn't think I'd ever own it... and he gifted me with it for absolutely NO reason! Awww!
If you haven't smelled it, I recommend you do. It smells AMAZING.

I truly have the best :)


  1. Awwwwwwww what a sweetheart! Go Christian, good man!

    I'll have to look this up, as I have been in search for a good perfume! ♥

  2. That is so stinkin' sweet!!! I haven't smelled this before but I will have to as soon as I get the chance! :)

  3. Aww what a lovely boyfriend you have! I haven't smelled this perfume, but the bottle is so pretty.


  4. omg i sniffed this at sephora the other day. love at first sniff! :) you have such a sweet bf!

  5. what a nice gesture! enjoy :-)

  6. he's a sweetie! you lucky gal!

    i wonder if all christian's are sweethearts?

    cause my hubby's name is christian and he's awesome! :) and does random thing like this too!

  7. What a nice present!!! I have to smell it!

  8. Aww! so sweet. I had a sample of this perfume once and thought it smelled awesomeeee...maybe I'll have to go out and get it haha.

  9. Awwww that was really sweet of your boyfriend, he truly loves you, that's for sure. By the way you two are so cute together. =-)

  10. too cute! i want a Christian of my own! :P

  11. Same thing happened to me today, I got a package at work and I wondered how it was possible if my package wasn't set to arrive til next week, surprise surprise, it was flowers from the hubs.

    I will have to check this scent out! I love perfume!