tutorial: basic contouring with sketch

I received a few requests to make a tutorial for this look, so here it is!

(in order of appearance)
NYX Milk
Mink Pink
Vanilla pigment
Solar White
W&W cream liner
L'oreal Telescopic mascara

Sorry the pictures vary in their sharpness and lighting. Damned camera!
1. Prime

2. Mink Pink in the crease with a 217

3. Vanilla pigment on the lid

4. Pack Sketch on the outer lid with a 239

5. Blend it out (tapered blending brush)

6. Vanilla pigment as a highlight, and with a 217 I blend some Patina in the areas circled.

7. Inner to outer bottom lashline: Mink Pink - Patina - Sketch

8. Solar White in the inner corners

9. Liner

10. Mascara, and we're done! Super simple :)

Thank you for looking! I also made an eyebrow tutorial, so I'll have it posted in a couple of days. Have a great day!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for doing this post!! I always wondered how you put your looks together piece by piece and this is perfect-o, plus simple like you said! Would LOVE to see more! ♥
    Thanks again doll*

  2. wow.
    That's such a stunning look...
    I've debated for a while on wether to get sketch or not.. I think i'm going to have to get it now!
    By the way, what liner do you use?

  3. Beautiful! Can't wait to try this one out!

  4. Thanks girls! R May A, I use Wet & Wild's creme liner. It works great and is only $4!

  5. Super pretty! I love Sketch. Such a staple color to have in my opinion :-)

  6. Beautiful as always! I love your tutorials! Thank you! And I CANNOT wait for your eyebrow tutorial! YAY!

  7. Goregous! Looking forward to the eyebrows also!

  8. It's bloggers like you I learn from !!! Great post :)

  9. I love your step-by-step tutorials! Keep up the great work :)

  10. Wahoo thank you very much for this tutorial, this is very helpful ! It's very beautiful and I love the shape of your eyes :) You're so pretty !

    I'm a new french subscriber so excuse me if sometimes my english is weird lol

  11. the way you line your eyes realllly defines them so well, it makes the eyeshadow almost picture-like!

  12. You know I love your pic-tutorials...They are awesome for color placement !

    Caro xxx

  13. Amazing tutorial, I will definitely be giving this look a try!



  14. Thank you for this awesome tutorial. I think I will try this look tomorrow ;)

  15. Amazing tutorial, sweetheart! You are so gorgeous =) Thank you so much for sharing this-except now I want to go out and buy all the shadows you listed lol!