let's try to be... fancy

I have to praise my new VS Miraculous push up bra... the only bra that has ever given me real cleavage. I tried this one on when it first came out and hated it, but this time I tried it on in a size smaller and it looked a lot better. And look how awesome it makes my boobs look! Haha, sorry for being so excited over it, but I never thought my chest could look like this. Cleavage makes me feel kinda fancy! :)

I dyed my hair over the weekend. I prefer it darker! What do you guys think?

Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Benefit 10
Pinch 'O Peach

NYX Milk
Seeds of Love
Soft Brown
Vanilla pigment
Solar White
W&W creme liner
L'oreal mascara
Ardell 105s

a mix of Costa Chic and Patisserie

Sorry the eyelashes look kinda gross in this one..

So.. much.. smiles...
Anyways, I am off to celebrate my mother's birthday! Have a good evening and thanks for looking :)


  1. You look great! I love the darker hair on you and that lid color is loove!

  2. I recently realized that we go to the same school >w<
    the hair looks great and those shadows look amazing together~

  3. you look great.
    i wish someone would invent a bra that does wonders for girls with unfortunately small A cup boobs =/ So unfair lol. Ah well, it teaches the unfortunate ones like me to accentuate other features :)

  4. Haha you're cute with your bra enthousiasm ! Happy birthday to your mummy ...

    Caro xx

  5. I love my miraculous bra. I cant go a day without it! lol

  6. I love your hair this color, and I loved it the last color as well! beautiful... love your eyeshadow as well!

  7. love this look the colors r so pretty!

  8. You seriously are sooooo gorgeous! :)
    and this look is extremely pretty on you!

  9. Soo pretty! I love your hair darker!

  10. Very nice clevage! I would be willing to give you some of mine if you would like... I wish I had a smaller chest then clothes would look a lot better on. Beautiful makeup as per usual :)

  11. I love your hair that colour! xx

  12. Veryyyyy pretty! Would LOVE to see more "how to's" on eyes, you blend and put colors together SO well! &heart;

  13. Sooo pretty!! Im envious hahaha...=)

  14. i found that getting a smaller size than your normal size gives better results with that bra but it is <3.

    and love the look always so soft and pretty

  15. pretty like always, your hair looks lovely darker xx

  16. how dou you apply your kame up ı really wonder.
    please write it.

    what the name of eyeshadows' brands?

    why not do you take a video to explainyour make up style.