OPI Ginger Bells

What a weird color. That's why I like it.

My nails are growing out quite nicely. I've been using Sally Hansen's Miracle Growth n/p and it seems to be working quite well. It cost me around 9 dollars at Walgreens. For that price, it should be working a damn miracle haha.

*sigh* I miss my boyfriend. :(
I really really hate his recruiter right now... he was supposed to give me the address to write to my bf last week, and I still haven't received it. UGH.

Anyways, I have another FOTD sitting on my camera so I'll upload that at some point...


  1. Hey Clara, I love this colour on you. *added to list*. Hope u receive ur bf address soon and you guys can catch up. I know how hard this can be...my now husband and I had to do a year of long distance when we were dating and it was not fun

  2. Your nails are looking great! I hope that you can get the address soon; I know that it can be hard to be away from someone you love!

  3. i am loving this color!

    i hope you get your boyfriends address soon! my sisters boyfriend is away in Missouri right now and they write constantly!

  4. thank you so much for your kind words everyone! :)