recent buys

Happy Wednesday, everyone! The week is half way over. :)

Here's some nail related things I bought over the past week or so. No time with boyfriend = too much time for spending! Oh well... it makes me happy. :)

OPI Ginger Bells, CND Stickey base coat, OPI Shim-merry Chic, CG Ruby Pumps, OPI DS Coronation, Sally Hansen Petal Pusher, Orly np thinner, and the thing in front is a crystal nail file.

Ginger Bells- I posted a mani with this yesterday. It's a pretty awesome color. The formula is perfect, you could get away with one coat.

CND Stickey- is it just me or is this not sticky at all? And they spelled it funny... anyways, it does a decent job.

Shim-merry Chic- I haven't tried it yet... I just did a quick swatch on one of my nails. Seems to be a great formula. And I LOVE the flakes!!!

Ruby Pumps- I haven't had a red np in ages, because my hands tend to have a red tint most of the time... so I wonder how this will look on me. It'll be so hot on long nails. I want mine to grow out already so I can wear this!

DS Coronation- kinda blah in normal lighting. But when the sun hits it.. ooooooooooooo... The formula is a bit too thin. Very sheer. Needs 3 coats to reach perfect opacity. In subtle sunlight:

(click to see it in all its glory!)

Petal Pusher- I really wanted this after seeing a few bloggers use this for french bases or just on it's own. It's alright. Needs 2 coats, and no, it does not dry instantly. :) I prefer more beige tinted nudes, as this is more pink.

Thinner- haven't tried it yet, but I can't wait to attack my CG For Audrey with this... FA is disgusting to use. And when I open my new bottle of Seche Vite, I will use this thinner RELIGIOUSLY.

Crystal nail file- I previously had the Revlon one from Target and it really, really sucked. This one is amazing in comparision. With my Sally's card, it was around 6 dollars. The Revlon one was about 7... total waste of money. But this one seems like it'll do a great job!

Anyways, I'll post a FOTD when I get the chance. I'll also try to do a tutorial on the look I posted a couple days back! :)


  1. Great picks; who doesn't love a little retail therapy? Ruby Pumps is amazing, I have a red/pink tint to my hands and I love it!

  2. After this post on using the thinner on seche vite i got one the next day and and I LOVE YOU FOR THINKING OF THIS. i would of never thought of it haha, just would of trashed my top coat and got a new one.