tagged :)

Crystal tagged me in her latest blog post! Thanks so much Crystal, it's very sweet of you :)

I love reading posts like these, so please- do it!!! I find them so interesting. I tag everyone who reads this!

Upon receiving this award, I must list 6 interesting facts about myself.

1. I suffer from depression and have for more than 3 years.
2. Makeup is my only hobby.
3. I have no friends, the only people I have is my family and my boyfriend.
(^ these are so sad, lol!)
4. I love my boyfriend more than life itself! :)
5. I'm Czechoslovakian. Czech is so beautiful, I can't wait to go there again! I haven't been in around 8 years.
6. I LOVE sweets. Esepcially ice cream, chocolate, cookies, cake, and pretty much every other sweet out there. ;) I like them too much for my own good.

Like I already said, I tag anyone who wants to do this! :)


  1. I know, I love tags too...I did one of these random facts one a while ago :) I'm sorry about your being depressed, it's more common than you think :( I really want to visit Czech Republic. My boss lived there for a few years and he keeps raving about it

  2. Saadeh is right, it's actually quite common.

    I feel you with the no friends thing... I just can't get along with anyone here!

  3. I'll be your friend! :) hehe At least you have your man and your family. I hate it cuz right now I live far away from my friends and family and don't get to see them often :(

    Sorry to hear about your depression. It runs in my family :( I think everyone goes through it at some point in their lives though (others for longer periods of time).

  4. oh ya, and by the way, i tagged you in my latest post! hope you don't mind :) I love your blog :D

  5. hehe i'll be ur friend! i'm gonna do this! thanks for posting this!

  6. I love tags, but I've just started blogging and don't know that many people :\

    I don't have that many friends either, I find it hard to talk to people cause I'm quite shy.


  7. I completely agree with number three. Family + boyfriend is all I've got right now, besides my roommate.

  8. Hey Clara, I found you on Specktra and went right over to check out ur blog :)) Not only are your makeup looks absolutely fab, I also really like the way you write. And I'm honestly jealous of your beautiful nails :)) But what captured me the most is reading that you're Czech? That is because I come from the Czech republic myself :)) Do you actually speak Czech? Well, come over to my blog and let me know, I'd be happy if you replied :)) And ofc have a look at my blog, so you can post u're reply there, hihi :)) Preji krasny den (in case you don't speak Czech, that means have a wonderful day :)) Can't wait to hear from you xx