saying goodbye..

Is so hard... mind-crippling hard.
My bf joined the Marines a few months ago and yesterday he left for basic training. I'm having an extremely hard time accepting it. But it was his choice and I support it.

Anyways, I'll be posting a lot of random crap just to get my mind off of it.

Here's ChG Fortune Teller:

It's alright. Sort of over hyped... then again I don't prefer dark colors on me. And it's a fucking bitch to take off, even with pure acetone.
I had FT with ChG Matte Magic over it on my toes. I really liked it.. I think I prefer it matte.
Does anyone else think it's ridiculous how small the ChG MM is?! It's freakin' tiny. And it's around $5... come on, China Glaze. I had to buy two bottles just because it was so tiny.

And here's a lip combo I thought was cute.

NYX Pinky l/l and Pink Poodle l/g.
The NYX l/l is awesome quality. Pigmented and glides on effortlessly. And it only cost me $2.

Random crap, eh?
Time to go listen to The Beatles and mope around...


  1. i love nyx pinky l/l! nyx stuff is so affordable and pigmented! :)

    hang in there sweetie. you're being a great gf by supporting what your bf wants to do even if it means that he's gonna be far from you. *hugs*

  2. Long distance is hard, but you'll be able to do it :) I love the lip combo

  3. You look lovely as always.

    And like L1MAMAJ above says, hang in there!!

  4. You look lovely, not sure about the polish but the lip combo is great, x

  5. You look beautiful! Pink Poodle is gorgeous on you.
    I hope everything gets better boyfriend-wise, absence does make the heart grow fonder I guess... my boyfriend is joining the army so I'm steeling myself for the loneliness too!...

  6. great look and aww about the bf... feel better about it! hope it all goes well.

  7. :[ i'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend going away into the Marines. It must be hard, but knowing he is happy will help. Long distance can be hard, but I'm in a long distance relationship, and if you both make an effort its not so bad.

    China Glaze wrote me on twitter, and recommended felt to remove the polish, I have no felt, so I don't know how effective it is.

    how big is the ChG matte topcoat? essie makes one, "matte about you" its $10 USD for .5 Fl Oz, normal sized polish. I've heard they're quite similar, but I want to try the MM to compare.

  8. I think it's ~$5 for .35 fl oz. Not sure, but I think it's pretty close :)

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