Kreativ Blogger award

Thanks Cheryl! :)

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Since I did something similar so recently, this will be tough :(

1. I love doing crafty things! Ever since Christian left, I've had a lot of time to do them. Right now I'm really into knitting.

2. I always go to sleep early, and wake up early. Even if I'm out later than usual and go to sleep later, my body naturally wakes itself up at 6 or 7. This really sucks when I don't have anything to do that day. And to make matters worse, it's nearly impossible for me to fall asleep during the day.

3. My favorite singer as of right now is Marvin Gaye. He's so amazing.. he blows my mind!

4. I used to have my ear lobes stretched, but miraculously they shrunk back to normal size so I can now wear regular earrings. Thank God!

5. Every single time I wish at 11:11, my wish comes true. Christian thinks I'm crazy, but it works..

6. I hate when people are late. That's my biggest pet peeve.

7. I have two cats whom I love to death!

A sleepy Rosie is in the front, while a sleepy Romeo is in the back. They're brother and sister, yet you could never tell except for the shape of their eyes. They're about 1 and a half years old now.

A lot of people have done this tag already, and I'm lazy, so whoever wants to do this.. go ahead. :)
Have a great weekend & Halloween everyone!!


  1. 2, 5 and 6!!! Even my best friends wish at 11:11!! I always wish for the same thing... I'll let you know if one day it comes true :) hehe

    My body is programmed to wake up early and go to bed early. Last night I stayed up really late and still I woke up at 7! So weird.

  2. i have those juicy earrings. i love them :)

  3. Awww your cats are so cute :)
    Someone in my college class had something like a flesh tunnel and he was gonna get them stitched up but apparently they couldn't allow it :\

    I followed btw. :) x

  4. Cheryl- I'm gladI'm not the only one! :)

    Belinda- Thank you! My boyfriend had his stitched up.. they looked pretty gross

  5. i wish my body was programmed to go to sleep & wake up early! i can't go to sleep before 2am and usually don't wake up before noon. it's such a waste! haha

  6. I know this is an old post but how long did your ears take to shrink? I was at 1/2 and I recently took them out. Love your blog! (: