small plethora of NOTDs

My cuticles are slowly healing. Sigh...

OPI Jade is the New Black
3 coats. I expected to love this, but it's just 'eh'. I am particularly fond of unique colors with a creme finish, but this just doesn't do it for me. The formula was alright. A wee bit thick.

I got curious, and decided to add Nfu-Oh #38 (I think? So confusing!) over it.

Only one word comes to mind... YUCK. Very odd.

with flash:

Nfu-Oh #51
This time, by itself! 3 coats. Still slight VNL... the formula is nothing special. I wish the rainbow in the bottle transferred onto the nail :( But I still like this color. That says a lot, because I'm not a big fan of purples. But 51... oooh 51 how you seduce me with your red/gold/magenta shimmer. Sigh.



China Glaze LOL
Total holo FAIL. It's barely holographic... how I wish it was. This is 3 coats. Again, purples are not my cup of tea, but I always make exceptions for holos. And it's actually a pretty nice shade of purple.

Thanks for looking!


  1. hmmm, I was thinking of getting lol, but now I won't. If you want a gorgeous purple holo, try Color Club Wild At Heart. It's very holo and very purple :)

  2. Ha I actually really like the green polish with the nfu-oh on top of it!!

  3. 'jade is the new black' is gorgeous!
    and i agree with lucie.lovely.cupcake hahah.


    love Elizaaa xx

  4. OPI 'Jade is the New Black' is gorgeous, lovely shade of green!

  5. Thanks everyone! Saadeh, thanks for the rec :)

  6. These are gorgeous colors, you have great taste in polish!

  7. Aww, that's too bad. I just got 'Jade...' And I've been looking for a great purple holo, so I'll steer clear of LOL. CC Wild at Heart is just so expensive, now...stupid eBay!

  8. LOL is pretty, but didn't wow me like your other holo polishes. :\

  9. Jade is the new black definitely wins!

  10. Wow...the Nfu-Oh #51 looks really great! I like the jade one as well...even with the sparkly bits on top.

  11. It's amazing the way you paint your nails!