excuse the lack of FUN

Yeah, my posts lack excitement. And they lack frequency.. ha.

NOTD from last week & weekend...

MAC Love & Friendship
Oh so classic. I don't remember how many coats... I hate this damn formula!!! And the stupid cap makes for awkward polishing.. But. It's a lovely color nonetheless.

Color Club Limelight
Hahaha, this color is pretty FUN. I love it! 3 coats. This is my first neon ever... it's pretty flattering, which surprised me. Very nice formula, too. What a great polish!


natural light

OPI Big Apple Red
What a nice color. The formula was AMAZING. I did 3 coats only 'cuz I felt like it... it really only needed two. This is surprisingly pretty flattering too!

I'm not going to be posting any more NOTDs for a short while. 3 of my fingers decided they want to infect themselves. Thanks guys!! They hurt like hell and look like hell.. Anyways.

Thanks for looking!! One more day 'til the weekend :)


  1. Those are lovely colors, I hope that your fingers heal soon!

  2. my fav. is the mac love and friendship! what a beautiful color.

  3. It's such a shame that MAC makes some really pretty colors with sucky formulas :(

  4. love it!! u are so good at making the edges so sharp. i suck at it.

  5. Thanks everyone! Jen, within a couple of months you'll be seeing that you can apply like a pro!! It really just take practice :)

  6. The Mac one is really nice and looks so good. Shame about the formula though!


  7. My fave pedicure color when it comes to red toes!!

  8. Wow Colour Club's limelight is so bright and fun!

    I love Love & Friendship very much!

  9. woah !! that green took me by surprise when i scrolled down lol

  10. Hey beautiful, have you tried using Dakin's solution ? you have you nails plunged in it for 20 minutes 2 to 3 times a day ....If you want, I could send you the exact composition (you can make it youself)

    Caro xxx

  11. Thanks everyone!

    Caro- I would LOVE that!!

  12. OMG... Have your fingers healed? I hope so!

    My favorite color of the three is the first one, but I can see what you're talking about with the cap. That sucks! MAC isn't really known for their polishes, but still... They should know better! LOL!