tutorial: easy look w/ coppering

Products used are listed in the previous post.

1. Prime with your primer of choice.

2. Soft Brown in the crease with a 217

3. Pack Brule on lid with a 239.

4. Coppering goes on the outer 3rd of the lid. No need to pack it on because it's so buttery and pigmented...

5. Blend that out. I then apply Vanilla pigment as a brow highlight.

6. Soft Brown and Coppering go on the lower lashline, and Solar White in the inner corners.

7. Liner. I always used to have trouble with my liner, but since I purchased the 208 brush, it's so damn EASY to get a perfect line. I 110% recommend this brush!!!

8. Mascara.

I then added subtle falsies. Here's the finished look!

If anyone does this look, I'd LOVE to see it! :)


  1. gorgeous! Thank you so much for the tut Clara! I'm trying this look out this week

  2. Really pretty! Can you do a post on how you keep your nails/hands looking so good please, oh and how you paint your nails so well. :) x

  3. awww I love it!

    weird comment but:
    your eyebrows are gorgeous!!

    Eliza @
    chocolatecoin.blogspot.com x

  4. beautiful, like it a lot.
    well done! :)

  5. love it!!! i'm gonna try it!

    i love the 208 brush. amaazing!

  6. I love your technique of applying your ES. Beautiful. I'm going to try this and hope I don't look clownish. ;)

  7. Thank you so much for this great tutorial! I'm checking out that 208 ;) xx

  8. Great tutorial, you make it seem so easy! Love the look on you too, warm colours look lovely on you =)

  9. your eyebrows are perfect! I love your face. x

  10. love it. you apply your eyeliner so well. i'm jealous :)

  11. as promised here is the recipe for your nails :

    you need to use one of the bleaching solution you can find in pharmacies to clean (the smelling like an hospital one ;-)))

    if you use a 4% (in Canada : make is La parisienne) , you need to dilute 5ml in 800ml of boiled water

    if you use a 6% (in Canada : Javex), you dilute 5 ml in 1200 ml of boiled water

    Be careful , it needs to be fresh to be efficient ( and it discolores the cloths !)

    ify ou want a non smelly alternative : you can use a Chlorhexidine solution (you can find it in pharmacy too) : you use a 20% solution and you mesure 2.5 ml in 1 L of water

    Whatever you choose, you put your injured finger in a little jar where you have put a portion of the solution and you keep your nail under water for 20 min 3 times a day....


    Caro xxx

  12. Thanks everyone! Especially Caro, that is SO helpful. I will have to try that!

  13. this is absolutely beautiful! love the look - if i try and attempt (dont think i can get anywhere near this!) i'll post it on my blog!