I hate Sundays.

There's just something about Sunday afternoons that feels so lonely and miserable. Sigh.

Excuse the state of my cuticle... it's still healing. :(

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue
I've been looking for this one for a while. This is 2 coats. It's AMAZING to work with. So opaque! You could probably only do one coat. And it was cheap.. $3. My only complaint would be the smell. If a comparison were to be made I'd say it smells like a combination of marijuana and rotting vegetables. Not a good combo.

Pacific Blue happens to be a dupe for one of my very old nail polishes!

The polish I'm holding in my hands was bought about 4 years ago from Sephora. Look how dried up it is! I'm almost positive they don't carry this color anymore. And who the fuck would pay $5 for 5ml of nail polish? PB is on my nails and you can see how it's a dead dupe for this Sephora color.

Color Club Orange Revenge
I'm loving these CC neons! This one definitely put me in a good mood. 3 coats. Great formula. So BRIGHT. Love...

natural light:
China Glaze OMG
Yeah, this one again. Nothing to say that I haven't already said..


  1. that blue looks fantastic. i love the CG polish too

  2. Love the blue! I really want to try some Xtreme wear colors. They look so good and they're so cheap.

  3. i keep saying i wanna get the China Glaze OMG but i haven't seen it anywhere!!

    i love your notd's! they always look perfect. i can't seem to do my nails! and what also sucks is, i can only wear MAC nail lacquer to work and i don't like the formula AT all. :(

  4. Orange Revenge is so bright. Love it!

  5. I hate Sundays too. I've always hated them.
    I'm absolutely in love with Pacific Blue. Such an original color! And it looks great on you.

  6. Thanks everyone! Jen, that sucks! I don't think anyone likes MAC's formula haha

  7. ooOoo..the first one is so pretty!

  8. hey girl love your blog and posts on specktra! Where do you get color club nail polish? p.s. I live in SJ too.

  9. WOW!how do you always do that? your nails are always painted so perfectly, share the secret if you don't mind :P

  10. Thanks girls! Erica- this was the CC neon set which I found at Ross, but you can purchase individuals CCs at transdesign.com.
    Klaudia- I'm going to do a post regarding my whole painting/nail care rountine soon :)

  11. i love the china glaze polish its awesome :)

  12. PB looks so pretty on! And OMG...is just what the name says.

  13. OMG! i thought it was only my sally hansen nail polish that smelt but i guess not :O Mine smells like skunk.. its kinda nasty but the colour is soooo gorgeous that i can get over it :)

  14. hey girl, just found your blog today and i love your style :)

    i adore the color club on you!