NOTD, a cat, Spring Color Forecast, FOTD

First things first, Michele over at Lacquerized is having an awesome giveaway! Check it out :)

This was yesterday's mani..

OPI Over the Taupe
This is 3 coats. I picked this up on a whim because my local beauty supply store had buy 3 get 1 free so I grabbed this one without much thought. I wish I picked up You Don't Know Jacques instead :( The formula is alright... there was a bit of pulling on my index finger.

OTT matches Rosie!

MAC's Spring Color Forecast didn't really catch my eye. The new quad design is horrible :( Most of the items had a frosty finish, which I'm not particularly fond of... but I loved the blush ombres. How I WISH the peach one wasn't sold out every fucking where in the world.

Vintage Grape, Azalea Blossom
VG is for my mom.. so this was a pretty small haul! But, it was a good one. Here I am wearing both of the colors mixed in AB:

A perfect, light, healthy glow! Yum.

And finally, this is the look (which I've done millions of times..) that I wore to pick up those blushes.

translucent powder
Maybelline concealer

NYX Milk
Plum Dressing
Soft Brown
Vanilla pigment
Beautiful Iris
W&W cream liner
L'oreal mascara
Ardell 113

Rimmel l/l in Natural
Love Nectar

Thanks for looking everyone! <3


  1. That blush looks so natural and pretty on you!

  2. Azalea Blossom looks lovely. When Spring Forecast comes out in the UK, I think I want to get that plus the peach one :) xx

  3. The nailpolish looks like Chanel Particuliere or OPI You don´t know Jaques. I have both and I love the colour. I wear the Chanel nailpolish the complete last week.

    Your look is absolutly beautiful.

  4. Aww, I love the kitty and your makeup is stunning!

  5. i love the look!! omg i totally wanted to get ripe peach blush ombre but it was sold out so quickly! i even called other stores and counters in the bay area and none of them had it. booo. so sad. we sold out of it at my counter in like 3 days. -__-

  6. I saw the peach one at my local MAC, had it in my hand but didn't buy it! I wish I did now... I didn't know it was sold out online :( *tear. I love Over the Top! Another polish to add to the ever expanding list

  7. I have You Don't Know Jacques and looking at your pictures I actually think that I would have liked Over the Taupe better! That color is beautiful to me, your nails look perfect.

  8. Love that nail polish shade on you. Rosie is such a cutie! <3
    Love your make up as always.

  9. hi doll, your nails look gorgeous, always! for your pedi, do you do your own or the salon? if so, can you do a tutorial on how you get your cuticles to look so clean?

  10. Thanks everyone! :) Giang, I usually do my own but once in every blue moon I go to the salon. :) I'll do a post on my whole nail care routine soon!

  11. beautiful nails as usual, I am gonna put my Metrochic on my nails right away ! Cute kitty, my husband is allergic so I can't have one myself and I miss the cats I cherished all my childwood
    ;-( Could you do a tutorial on the look you did for NYE (the very brown one ) Pleaaaaaaaaaaase

    Caro xxx

  12. yummm i love the OPI polish
    your eye make-up is always so flawless
    love it.

    Eliza xxx

  13. Wow...your eye makeup looks AMAZING as always! I am so jealous!!! Great job!!

    Also, I just started an online reading group so if you like to read or know anyone that does, please join me!! :)

    A Southern Girl's Online Reading Group

  14. Thanks girls!! Caro, I will soon :)

  15. U r so beautiful! Really like your eyebrows & hair. How do u cut your bangs? ..& style your eyebrows?

  16. ^ I cut my bangs myself. My eyebrows, I tweeze them.. uh and I brush them up and cut the excess. I don't really know how to describe it, sorry :(

  17. i love your blog :) and you're so pretty ! How do you keep your hair so good-looking and soft ? I really adore your hair :D
    Have a nice day !

  18. You look so gorgeous! I've been planning to skip the blush ombres entirely, but you're making me re-think getting Ripe Peach! SCF is out next week here in the UK, and I'm making my list :)

  19. Could u please do a tutorial how do u cut bangs?

  20. The lilac in your inner corner area is so beautiful