finally!: icy blue tutorial

Finally did it. :) Hope you guys enjoy!

I used:
Maybelline concealer
translucent powder
Benefit Dandelion

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Vanilla pigment
Too Dolly
Smoke & Diamonds
Stately Black
NYX White
W&W Mega Liner
L'oreal Telescopic Clean Definition mascara
Red Cherry 747m

C-Thru l/g

1. Prime with whatever.

2. pack Too Dolly (a perm. dupe is Aquadisiac) in the crease

3. blend it out

4. Vanilla pigment on the lid

5. Contrast in the outer corner

6. Blend it out

7. With a 217, I get a little of Smoke & Diamonds and gently apply in the area circled. I also apply a bit of Stately Black in the outer v to darken Contrast.

8. Apply undereye concealer. On the lashline, I apply Too Dolly - Smoke & Diamonds - Contrast from inner corner to outer. In the inner corner, I apply NYX White.

9. On top of NYX White, I apply Vanilla pigment

10. Liner! On the water line, I apply half black e/l and half white for a somewhat 'icy' look :)

11. Mascara

12. Falsies of course!

Then do your face and what not and apply your lip stuff.

Rosie doesn't like pictures. :(

Thanks for looking everyone!


  1. Looks gorgeous! I wish I could blend as well as you! :)

  2. You have the prettiest eyes...as does Rosie! hehe Your cat is beautiful and you look stunning in these pictures! #12 - the final close up of your eyes with falsies... SOOOO GORGEOUS! I envy your makeup skills. Another look I'll have to give a try! :D

  3. Amazing! I wish I could blend as well as you.

  4. I agree with Cheryl... Your eyes are super pretty! I love the last picture with your cat. Aww!


  5. great tutorial! love the kitty, she's huge! haha

  6. Thank you for doing this for us. I absolutley love your tutorials, they are so easy to follow and they always come ut great. You explain it so well, and I just love them.

    So will your boyfriend have any leave over x-mas so that you can see him? Must be so hard to have him so far away. Have a great x-mas and a happy new year. Warm greetings from down-under.

  7. This is beautiful! And your eyebrows look perfect! xo

  8. Thanks Skully & Swedishlina! Sadly, he will not be home for the holidays :( however he comes back 2 weeks after the new year! Thanks for the support :)

  9. Wow...you look so good...and you have the longest lashes ever!

  10. You have some AWESOME blending skills. Also, your brows are TDF.. so jealous. lol

  11. thank you thank you! i will attempt this and probably fail miserably! u make it look SO easy!! which brush do u use to pack on too dolly and contrast?

  12. Wow thanks for the step by step images. You make it seem really easy so def going to have to try at giving this look a go!