lots of random crap

Random look:
NYX Milk
Vanilla pigment
Soft Brown
Solar White
W&W cream liner
L'oreal mascara


China Glaze LOL (Click me! I'm HUGE!)
LOOOOOVE this polish. I want to buy the entire OMG collection. Amazing... Sadly, it only looks this amazing in the sun. :(

Claire's Dream Catcher
MUA nail board made me buy this polish.. it's a dupe for Chanel Jade. I love it!

My wonderful father made me a new np rack. Here's my new station!

(Click me! I'm huge!.. again)

Here's a pretty lame random hobby.

Origami flowers!

^ just for the nails.. :P

These are balloon flowers. Everything is made out of paper and wire. Each flower takes about 15 minutes (not counting putting it on the stem and adding leaves) and there's a crap load of flowers in there.. it may be lame but it sure is time consuming, which is exactly what I need. :)


  1. Your eyes and nails look amazing! I especially like the first polish color. How pretty!

    Your dad is so sweet for making you a nail polish rack! It looks so professional!

    I heart that you make origami flowers! The last time I tried to make origami, I ended up with a bunch of wadded up paper balls. Shouldn't origami come naturally to me? LOL! The flowers look especially cute in that pot!

  2. Thanks Kate! :) Lol origami definitely takes practice to get right, my first flowers didn't look so great!

  3. You're welcome! I think I might have to give those flowers a try! A former co-worker showed me how to fold little paper stars... Those are fun to make! :)


  4. I like the look you've done on your eyes, it's very pretty!

    I'm loving that Claire's nail polish, its a gorgeous colour. Have to look out for that next time I go there

  5. I like random crap haha. That claire's polish looks amazing! Thanks for the dupe. Love the origami flowers...gotta show off those beautiful nails! You are getting quite the collection of nail polishes going on! I wish I had a station. Mine are all thrown in a box haha

  6. Kate- those stars are adorable! I've tried to make them before but my fingers aren't skilled in small folding :(

    Thanks Kelly and Cheryl!

  7. great great look! I have to say, I particularly admire your eyebrows - they are gorgeous!

  8. that look is so pretty. i am going to do it, i have all the shadows except solar white. i also need to pick up that china glaze color!

  9. your make up is amazing, i love it!!!

    those origami flowers are beautiful!

  10. You have so much nailpolish.. I'm jealous! :)I also have those PINK body sprays.. I love them!

  11. Yeah, I love those little stars. My favorite part was pushing the sides in to make them plump! So cute! They were all over our house at one point. I still find random ones every now and again. (One was in a piggy bank? WTH? LOL!)


  12. Your NOTD are gorgeous hon! Love the storage too :) xx

  13. omg i want that LOL nail polish! it looks AMAZING! where can i find it? i'm such a nail newb

  14. Haha MUA is making me want to buy Dream Catcher as well. Maybe I need to go on a hunt for it.