help me!

My cuticles keep getting infected for no apparent reason... it first started on my index finger on my right hand, then moved to the middle, then ring, then pinkie of that hand. It never traversed to my left hand until a couple of days ago. I went to the dermatologist about a month or so ago, and got some special cream for it, but it still keeps reoccurring. I don't have my hands in water a lot, so that's not the problem.. has anyone had a problem like this?


  1. Hmm... Do you cut/trim/push back your cuticles? Are they dry? Is it infected or is it a reaction to polish or a cream?

  2. I had the same prob last month when the weather in winter became drier. But it just occured in the left hand, it hurt too. I tried to apply more moisturizer but no help. Then 3 days after, it gone for no reason. I still dont know why :-s


  3. hey clara.
    i'm doin a nail tech. course and i think u have an infection which goes by the name of paronychia.
    basically the seal that protects the cuticle is worn away either due to harsh abrasives or harsh conditions. u might have gotten it from something else or someone since the infection can be bacterial.
    mind that it won't start to collect puss or anythin' but if it does make sure to keep it in hot water 2-3 times a day.
    if the type of paronychia u have is hopefully bacterial, a cream based on erythromycin or cephalexin can help.
    i hope u get it sorted out and just be extra cautious.
    good luck :)


  4. Thank you, everyone! I think it may perhaps be due to my cuticle remover...