twenty-four lilac

Hey everybody! Happy Friday. Fridays are my favorite day.. they signify another week over, and another week closer to Christian's return. Ahhh, 4 more weeks!!! :)

Here's 2 NOTDs.

OPI Do You Lilac It?
Don't mind my poor naked index finger... it was infected, but now it's better.

China Glaze Twenty-Four K
It doesn't look so special in most light, but it certain lighting it looks like pure gold. Kind of mirror-like. Not exactly my color, but I needed a break from girly pastels. :) The formula was alright. A little thick and runny... this is two coats.

Anyways, I'll try to put up a makeup tutorial this weekend. Enjoy your evening!


  1. ooh pretty nails! Lilac is one of my fave colours to wear on my nails

  2. the lilac one is gorgeous! i'm so happy that your bf is gonna come back soon! you've been such a strong girl. =)

  3. I have Twenty-Four K and it looks like crap on me, but it looks fantastic against your skintone!

  4. Thanks Saadeh, Jen, and gildedangel!

  5. Oo...I have my eyes on Do you lilac it for a while now...seems like a lot of bloggers have got it!

    It's such a pretty shade!