favorites of 2009

Another year coming to a close.. I couldn't be happier. The new year is bringing me closer to seeing Christian... TWO WEEKS GUYS. Two weeks! Where the fuck does time go?


1. Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder
My favorite translucent powder. It evens out my skin tone and does keep me shine-free for a decent amount of time. And it's CHEAP! Definitely recommend.

2. MAC Pinch 'O Peach blush
The perfect blush color for me. It makes my skin look so healthy. When I was in Walmart one day, someone who didn't speak English very well told me I have nice skin and it looks so healthy.. I was flattered. Anyways, I LOVE this blush! For reference I'm about an NW15.

3. Vanilla pigment
How could anyone not love this? I use this in every single one of my looks... perfect as a highlight, lid color, inner corner highlight, or face highlight. And it's GORGEOUS. So shimmery! I would recommend this pigment to anyone, especially if they're just starting out their MAC collection.

4. Solar White eyeshadow
It looks horrible on me as a lid color or highlight, but in the inner corner... omg. Perfection. I'm so glad that it only works in the inner corner because I'll have it forever.. perfect. :)

5. C-Thru lipgloss
A perfect every day color! It's great layered too. I love it over Angel lipstick but it also looks great on its own. It tones done the color the slightest bit and leaves my lips nice and glossy!

6. Love Nectar lustregloss
Another perfect every day color, but this one is for days where I want a more rich color on my lips... it's SO sparkly. And I love the brushes and formula of lustreglasses.

7. NailTek Foundation II
OMG. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I cannot praise it enough. It has made my nails SO strong. I will continue to repurchase it over and over again.

8. Seche Vite topcoat
What can I say that hasn't already been said? Amazing.

9. OPI My Daddy's the King
Just scroll down and read my post about this polish. :)

10. China Glaze For Audrey
This polish is the most used out of all that I have... it's about half way empty. It was my first China Glaze and I still love it! This color is very flattering on me and has a certain 'edge' to it without being too flashy. I used to wear only this color for weeks straight. The formula isn't the best but nothing that can't be fixed with a bit thinner. One of China Glaze's best colors!

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your night! Happy New Year to everyone!!


  1. Happy New Year to you too! I bet you must be so excited about seeing your other half soon!

    I love the Rimmel powder too. Not many people rave about it but I love it, it's my HG setting powder. I want Love Nectar so bad, but I've put myself on a lipgloss no buy :( sad times

  2. Thanks Kelly! Well, when you get off your no buy be sure to pick up Love Nectar. It's SO worth it!

  3. Happy 2010 Clara! Thanks for all the makeup tutorials and photos!

    Have fun with your bf (soon)! It must be hard being apart! I can't even stand being 3 days apart from my bf.

  4. Happy New Year, Clara!

    I will have to check that Rimmel powder out. My t-zone gets disgustingly greasy!

    I'm glad that you'll be able to see your guy soon. :)

    Take care!


  5. hmmm.. good to know about the pressed powder... I really need a new one and i've been looking on line at the different ones... I might give this a try first since it's cheap